Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


The hoard bonus stats don’t do all too much for the speed of your progression which btw is another flaw of this system. They only make you more survivable.
A player with maximum hoardlevel at let’s say delve 300 will still take multiple times longer to clear a delve than a player with 0 hoard level sticking to delve<100.


So you favor handicapping rewards? Or forcing progression to get any rewards?

It seems the point is some feel anyone not progressing in delves should have their rewards severely penalized, and everyone advancing should have their rewards increased exponentially…


First off, a 0.5 reduction in the overall loot multiplier is hardly a severe penalty, depending on what your final multiplier on a delve run turns out it might even not matter at all, but i guess we want to be overly dramatic now.
I don’t know why it is so hard for you to understand that a higher amount of time and effort invested should also result in more rewards … at least somewhat in relation to the extra amount of time spent, which we are already far far away from.
Someone chilling at low levels gets xx times more rewards/time than someone pushing progression, that is a far more “casual”-friendly approach than i have ever seen in an mmo rewardsystem.


My confusion is about progression.

If the stat gains are there to help you progress, but people progress without them, basically just rushing ahead blindly and not gaining the stat bonuses, is that what’s expected, is that how high level delves were designed? And is that suppose to be most rewarding?

And then there is the more patient player, a player that wants to increase the faction bonuses before progressing, and takes their time building the stat increases… Is this how it’s designed, is this what’s expected?

What’s the point of the stat increases, if not to help you progress to a new milestone?

I’m not being dramatic, I’m just conflicted about progression.

Slow and steady, or fast and furious… I see there being benefits and handicaps to both styles, but I have no idea which is right, and which is wrong. However, I don’t like the idea of either style being punished when it comes to rewards.


Neither style is being punished over the other in a really significant way if we assume both end up at delve500, but the latter, the “patient player” will have a better time, mostly because he probably has a maximum upgraded hoard quality before he starts progressing and makes more use of the x2 multiplier becaue of it.

The problem is in a way progression itself gets punished, by drastically increasing the time you need to play each delve completely inproportional to the miniscule increase in reward you get for it. The more you progress the less rewards/timeinvestment you get.


The really crazy bit is that the fastest way to progress is to … no progress at all running level 20’s, until you are nearly maxed out, then start progression in an event.


I’m a low-mid tier player myself. I progressed to level 60. At level 20 I could do each battle in seconds with no risk. Now I have to actually think about the battles and take my time, and even if I did not have to think it still takes me 3 times the number of activated abilities to win as during level 20.

There’s no way I can realistically do all delves every day at level 60. If I were still level 20 I might have had time to do them all.

In other words, until a new delve is released I gimped myself to not making as much progress as I could have, had I known before hand.

And yes its a temporary problem that will fix itself with the next delve… but its still one I wish I could have no had.


I can only speak by my experience while testing things in the event: I wouldn’t rush to increase the level because you are not guaranteed to get enough Shards to open the Portals, and even if you manage a decent amount of Shards you still need to get lucky at obtaining Treasures in high quantity and quality in order to upgrade your Hoard.

Yes, you’ll get some increments and benefits by Delving at higher levels, but if you manage to stay at lower levels and get decent upgrades to your Hoard Quality you will also recover the time/resources lost because everytime you go up a level you have a better multiplier AND a better quality for the Delve Chest (depending of your Hoard Quality) and better stats making all the battles easier/faster thanks to your Hoard Level.

That’s my take.


I was the one to make it to 500. The answer is no, people aren’t going to max the Underworld quickly. After the event is over, you only have 3 tries a day, at the much higher difficulties.

Each subsequent faction event restarts that faction at 20 for the event period, meaning I’d have to climb back up to 500 to have “infinite tries” on that 1 24 hour period, which takes way too long.


At faction level 77. A level 210 delve is ridiculous. I assume you got your faction level much higher than me? I got both my hoards quality to 10 by doing tier 6. My thoughts are it’s best to wait until Friday. Get the new faction to hoard quality 10 then go back and work on leveling each faction evenly. While also work on getting each troop to Mythic. So HoG will be the last faction I level up since I have all the troops to Mythic.


My hoard level is currently only at 100 for max renown. I planned to upgrade it after seeing the final stats of 500 to see what the faction team needs to beat it/what breakpoint I want to reach to give myself a fighting chance at it.

The 500 boss room stats are much higher than I was expecting, although the minion rooms are manageable. I almost want to say “plz nerf to human expectation kthx” but its new so I’ll give it some time first.


Please DM me any screen shots you have of those level 500 stats.



Wow. I also went to Tier 6, and only have enough treasures for 800% upgrade chance. That’s not even enough to guarantee one fully upgraded quality. You must have been much more efficient or much more lucky than me.


Calculating my 100% chance combinations i had a total of 900%, but i had enough Rings to spare so i tried 5 times with 50% (25 rings) and succeeded 3 times, this helped a lot.


HoG I did all but level 10 with 100% upgrade chance. The last one I did 90%.
With AsE I was much more wreckless. Doing 50% and 80% and 100%.
In the past week I’ve gotten 4 sacred treasures. I complained about the crappy treasures I’ve gotten on here. Then the next day I got a Sacred Treasure for the first time. (That’s why I bitch so much on here.:wink:)
Both my delves are at least level 200. I get a crap load of shards that give me a crap load of treasures. Currently sitting on 400+ for Friday.


you guys get your upgrade chance to 100% before using?..lmao from quality 3 -10 i think i used an average of 25-40% chance xD


Now that the event is out, and everyone participate in it got a load of Treasures, especially the lower-rarity ones, It’s okay to risk some of them in the first fews Quality Upgrades.

Personally, I would use 5× Gold Ring until I ran out of them, or it already take me to Quality Level 5. Taking risk at 50% chance would be worth it for me, especially when the gold cost is not that high. Still won’t try lower than 50% though.

After reaching Quailty Level 5, it should be back to 100% Upgrade Chance again, as you can’t risk losing so much Treasures and gold.


It shouldn’t matter at what Quality level you do low % chances at as it doesn’t decrease the % chance of success as your quality goes up (thankfully). The only downside is gold cost, but that isn’t too bad early on. If you get the hoard to like 80+ (arbitrary number) and then try 1 at a time, it’ll start to hurt.

If you got Quality Level 5 quite early, it doesn’t hurt to try a few more.

Common and Rare treasures barely dent the XP bar, meaning its kind of a waste of time to donate them once you’re at the 80-90ish range.


I think moving forward I am going to use Coin Purses for the first 3 quality upgrades, then Gold Rings for the next 3, and a combination of 5 Chalices/4 Crowns to get from quality 7 to 10. This lets me use the three lowest rarities and save the others for further leveling.