Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


Seeing as how getting quality to 10 using 100% chances still leaves you short of level 100 it’s the safest way. Not sure if it’s also the cheapest goldwise.


Yes, it doesn’t hurt at all if players can get to Quality Level 10 using only Gold Rings and Coin Purses. But for me, once I reach Quailty Level 10 in a faction, I have no desire to reach Hoard Level 100 untill I can get all other factions to Quality Level 10 as well, and that would leave me with very low bonus from Hoard Level, which would make my progress in higher levels become harder.

So I have to stop somewhere to go for 100% Quailty Upgrade chance again for better Exp. point. I just choose to stop at Level 5 because it’s exactly in the middle, and gold cost in each batch is starting to get higher now if you fail a few times before.


I think the fun thing about Delve is there’s too much to min-max, or at least since many of the knobs and dials require RNG it can be optimal to make sub-optimal choices in context.

We could use a spreadsheet to show you exactly what the most efficient use of treasures is… if you could guarantee certain treasures. Since we can’t, it doesn’t really matter if we know a different treasure is more efficient when we go 3 or 4 days without getting it. So sometimes, using the “wrong” treasure is just going to be what we do to move on.

I mean at some point, the prizes you lose waiting for “the cheapest combination of rare treasures” is worth more than the gold you “waste” using less efficient ones. Yes, I get those numbers are big. I also reckon, given those numbers, most people will have maxed their ingots before they’re looking at hoard levels beyond 500 across the board.

I like that there’s so much tension.


Also, how is anyone luck with the Treasure going?

I have way too many Gold Rings. Both Priest’s Chalices and King’s Crowns come at a reasonable pace. Somehow, Genie’s Lambs and Coin Purse are almost at the exact same drop rate for me, which is 6 and 4 in the total of 10 days. Sacred Treasure is still a mystical artifact to me. (Aka: nonexistent stuffs for all I know :neutral_face:)

So for now, I won’t use any Coin Purses untill it’s starting to pile up so much.


Rings also dropped a lot for me, but the rest also came at reasonable amounts and i got decent drops for Faction Troops:

So everything is fine, except the Wild Plains situation.


I think I got one each of the mythical and legendary treasures.

I added my treasure to the hoard whenever there was a reasonable chance of reaching a breakpoint in quality for another +1 to chest level.

Hall of Guardians is now at quality 10 and Eye at 0. By Tuesday I hope to get Crypt Keepers up to quality 10.

Tomorrow I plan to do the event keeping Crypt delve level at 20.

When Crypt reaches quality 10, I’ll move my farming from Hall (delve level 50) to Crypt (delve level 20).

Tuesday if Crypt is at or close to quality 10, I’ll probably do the Hall event allowing my delve level to rise, for a +4 chest level and more shards.


If HoG have more rooms you still have better chances to get better Chests by the end. Even at level 50 you are probably doing fine with your bonus from the Hoard Level. Just a little something to consider.


Good point.

The room rarity in a faction is constant instead of random, right? So I guess we can multiply the upgrade chance for all rooms in a faction to see the average expected value of the chest upgrade? And compare this across kingdoms.


There are few variations, the Dragon Fountain is Legendary i think and it appears sometimes instead of the regular Epic Room, in HoG but yes, it’s mostly constant.

Edit: Dragon Fountain is Epic. Well you might find this link interesting to keep in your bookmarks:

Courtesy of our faithful @Ashasekayi.


In general I like 4.0 quite a bit. however the hidden EXTREME penalty the developers placed on low and mid game players for this game mode is a bit surprising, They do NOT have the tools to handle the Delves and there is no way to go back. I’m hoping it is an oversight rather than purposeful design to force those players to spend money to progress.

If 2x permanently moves you up by +10, why in the world doesn’t .5x the permanently move you down by -10. Obviously you could only get the full 2x for trying high levels one time (no back and forth)

If this was an publisher decision to trap low/medium level players, then ignore this post. Mission accomplish based on chat.

I’m personally 100% fine, but I’m end game. This one direction design isn’t right.


5 Genie Lamps, 0 Legendary Faction troops to date.

RNG and all that, but c’mon man… :angry:


Wow… that’s… so… harsh.

Do you need a hug? You can give Lil’ Hogger a hug for as long as you need:

Now… If only some developers of other games would also acknowledge that gnolls are lovely creatures… :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the link!

I’ll assume that given a room rarity, each room has equal probability. If so, then using the above link, the average chance of a chest upgrade from an epic room is (45% + 6*40%) / 7 = 41%.

Faction rooms before the boss:
All-Seeing Eye ---- entry, 1 leg, 1 epic, 1 u. rare, 2 rare, 1 common
Crypt Keepers ----- entry, 1 leg, 2 epic, 2 u. rare, 1 rare, 1 common
Hall of Guardians - entry, 0 leg, 3 epic, 2 u. rare, 2 rare, 0 common

Adding the chances, it seems that for Hall of Guardians the average chest level just before visiting the boss is 1 + (3 x 0.41) + (2 x 0.28) + (2 x 0.19) = 3.2.

Average chest level before defeating the boss:
All-Seeing Eye ~ 2.65
Crypt Keepers ~ 3.15
Hall of Guardians ~ 3.15

With less “rounding” 2.652, 3.146, 3.162. (I don’t want to list crypt vs hall as 3.1 vs 3.2 so cheated the rounding a bit. If room chances are unequal, their order might switch.)

If anyone else tries to calculate average chest level, let us know if your answer is the same or different.

PSA: What Happens in the Delve Event Does NOT Stay in the Delve Event
Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!
Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

I’ve been tracking mine since the release of the update out of curiosity. Here’s a chart:


Anyone interested in all the data I collected on my portal drops, you can view the spreadsheet. I “hope” to keep collecting data for awhile. My Portal Drop Data


Updated the post above for Crypt Keepers.


So is there a best order for HoG? I assume do rare rooms first then UR etc.?


Always start with the highest multiplier rooms. That way you get their bonuses for the most fights. Sometimes a Faerie Ring will appear with a 0.30x bonus as an ultra-rare room, but normally this means going epic, ultra-rare and then rare.


If you’re willing to buy several tiers, you can change the room order some and still probably finish with sigils to spare. Even if you keep delving at 20.

But if you don’t want to buy many tiers, Grundulum’s advice above should save you gems. As long as it doesn’t mean dieng early.


Why are you assuming the bonus is multiplied for all previous rooms completed, and not simply added to the total each previous room? When I look at my room to room increment it doesn’t look multiplied to me.


Same here.