Evil Defense Teams

Using the new troop, I believe I have made the most sinister defense team ever created. The lineup:


Three life gain troops; sorry true damage. Also, attack gain and summoning for good measure. Last but not least, Celestasia with self mana generation and healing. Celestasia with over 50 life continuously casting on itself to heal is the evilest thing I can imagine. I can’t wait to see Evolved Celestasia.

Any other indestructibly slow teams out there? If I ever get Gar’Nok, I might try:

Goblin King

While hardly indestructible, my most successful (non-green spammer) defense team so far has been:

Crimson Bat

You’re absolutely right. As a matter of fact I just came across you while invading this afternoon. :wink:

I came across him the other day and thought: “He only put that team together to taunt me with the two legendaries I am missing!” :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want an evil defense team, use Fenrir with Behemoth. Behemoth is a beast type Troop so gets the bonus attack from Fenrir’s spell.

Sadly, almost half of the beasts use brown, including Behemoth. Rock Worm would benefit the most from the life boost as a common, and help to fill Fenrir up. Another interesting choice is Sacred Guardian, which would be indestructible with life and armor gains. If only it didn’t use brown. I am more of a Black Beast guy myself, which can actually use both the extra green and brown after it fills up and awaits devouring.

I’ve had some success with Sacred Guardian + Fenrir. That can get pretty abusive :smile:

If you’re investing in buffing a Beast with Fenrir, you really want it to stick around and tank.

This team is working:
Sacred Guardian


Carnex is going to remove all of the skulls from the board, which will make Fenrir’s attack bonus pointless. Try replacing Carnex with Aziris. Fenrir’s life bonus will help keep Aziris alive, and its mana fills up almost instantly.

Your team is pretty similar to mine: Unlikely Heroes

Thanks, I rather disagree. Carnex explodes skulls which largely resets the board - there’ll soon be enough skulls to attack again - and the exploder adds much needed speed.

It’s not the most efficient team ever, but buffing and relying on one troop never is. But it is fun :smiley:

Personally never had much truck with Aziris. Might be nice as a 5th team member but I can always think of troops I’d rather have…


Weapon: War and Peace

All I see is Green Seer, Webspinner, Venoxia :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if only they’d buff Green Seer to always target the first troop… :smirk:

any one know a good team for moloch

Withering Touch seems like a good match for Moloch. Mostly, I remember him being used with Venoxia/Webspinner.

i have web spinner n thats who i use em with mostlywhat also a good way to level/grind up faster, thanks for replying btw

Most evil, not most successful:

  • Gloom Leaf (to suck your attack and slow you)
  • Kerberos (because nothing is more evel than a one shot kill)
  • Silent one (to suck your mana and angry you)
  • Hero-Bullroarer (just keep healing the others)

I love Gloom Leaf and Silent One together. Remove all the enemy attack, armor, and magic, then all you have to deal with is life. All legendary teams took a big hit with the new bonuses, but here my take anyways:

Gloom Leaf
The Silent One
Keeper of Souls

Pretty similar to yours. I traded Bullroarer for Celestasia to allow blue/yellow usage while Silent One is silenced. I also traded Kerberos for a skull generator to better use Gloom Leafs high attack.

So my Goblin team got a significant buff thanks to the update. I built it just so peeps would have something to invade other than the most common combos. Not really a combo deck, so it probably won’t last, but for now it is winning quite a bit!

Zaejin Banner
Boar Rider
Goblin Rocket
Goblin King

4 Zaejin troops gives +10 life to all troops
3 Marauder troops gives + 2 attack to all troops

If I were to replace the rocket with another marauder it goes up to +4 attack, but I like having a little bit of mana diversity.


I’ve got a similar lineup:

Goblin Rocket
Goblin Shaman
Sabretooth Tiger - because I don’t have Hobgoblin, although I may try the Boar Rider here

I tried Brian in place of the King, but frankly the team is too fast to really benefit from him (and while he is a Zaejin troop, it just didn’t feel right). The King is really just there for flavor and to anchor me against the “attacks last” type mobs. If the front goblin goes down it is nice to be able to bring him back up, though the replacement goblin is not really big enough. The +10 life does apply to the freshly summoned goblin though, so at least he can serve as an effective shield again.