Level 80 looking for Team Advice

Hi all, I started playing Gems of War recently and I’m level 80 as the title suggests, so far the team I have been surviving off of has been

Knight Coronet

But just today I pulled managed to pull some new troops, Carnex, Forest Guardian, Garuda and Psion, I was wondering if anyone could offer me some cheap/easy builds around one or any of these, like with Epics or lower, I’ve been considering

Forest Troll
Sea Troll
Spirit Fox

Let me know if that’s good, bad or ugly, any knowledge is welcome,

I dont use carnex or garuda so i wont speak to them

As for psion and FG imo they are both kinda useless until traited. And FG kinda needs kerby.

What i will say tho is the team you are using already is pretty gangsta for lv 80

Keep it up brudda and welcome to GoW and the forums!



It’s slow, but should never lose.

Knight Coronet

Maybe a little faster, but you risk the enemy getting a few casts off


Fair enough, can’t trait either of them yet, so I don’t mind sitting them on the bench for the time being.

Yeah it’s surprised me a few times with what it’s been able to beat.

Thanks for the welcome and replying.

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That first team would be slow, does that mean it’s damage is low?

Haha, I didn’t actually think to use the blue of the Coronet and green of the Ranger with the two trolls, that makes sense, I’ll test it out!

Thank you for the suggestion.

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I think Psion true damage output is rather low so it would take a reasonable amount of casts to win, but try it and compare it with KnightCoronet/Ranger alternatives. See what works for you.

I’d suggest going with some soul farming troops if you can.

It will save you some time for the future. If you manage to get The Dragon Soul - use it! :smile: It’s arguably the best troop in the game.
Also, you might want to get your hands on Valkyrie (Rare I think)… And pair it with Justice and probably something else that can freeze enemies (For Example Ice Gollem or Ice Lizard). That will change your game forever.

EDIT: Since you’re probably new to other features and the community of Gems of War, this guy will be really helpful on your way =)
Give him a thumbs up if he is of help.

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Looping teams will be slower but should enable you to fight stronger opponents.

When I was that level I used Templar/Paladin and Valkyrie combo to snipe out high health targets.

Also, used Alastair as a solid tank, boosting armour.

At that time Valkyrie was the only Soul generator of worth, now there are multiple options. I like Wight.


Makes sense, I’ve used a team of;

Hero (Daemonic Khopesh)

I have The Dragon Soul on console, boy that troop feels like a cheat code compared to the rest of the troops I have haha, what would you put in first slot with that team, if it’s Valkyrie, Justice, Ice Lizard?

I’ll check that out for sure, thank you for all your input, I appreciate it.

Probably Valkyrie.
Just so that it goes on mana 1st, and isn’t blocked on yellow from Lizard. Then you get justice. Dragon Soul and Lizard, I’d say.
With those troops, I’d try it. Not sure how well it works on early levels. Definitely experiment around what works best =)

I have liked the control of looping teams, definitely.

My first team I levelled was, Heronath, Rowanne and Dryad, with the Hero tanking up front, is that good?

Probably not the best.
… For starters it’s fine but not really optimal.

I remember I was using the Gollem (Brown) as a tank. His ability is fine early on, too.
… Ranger is definitely the no.1 damager.
The rest… Well. Optional, depends on what troops you have :wink: