Emperinas 1st and 3rd trait


Just thought about mention it, I know its still very early, and that the Devs has to see how it is going with traits, and do changes. However, since I am using Emperina in my team her 1st and 3rd trait seems very dull. Especially the 1st called deal double skull damage vs. Dwarves. The 3rd(Aflame) is not as bad, but I don’t think there is many who is using her as a starter? I might be wrong tho. About her 1st trait, how many is using dwarves nowadays? I can’t remember last time I was up against a team that had one.

Emperina is probably not the only one with some bad traits, but I expected more for an epic troop. And also her traits is costing some very good stones. And to have her middle trait called Fire Link one have to first upgrade her Dwarf Slayer trait, which is expensive.

Share your thoughts. About Emperinas and other troops traits that you think need a 2nd thought.(?)

(This topic is not a negative one, I really support the Devs work and loves to have traits in the game, and I fully understand that they will need time to evaluate traits in the near future.)


Gar’Nok comes to my mind. Leader on a Summoner is pretty useless by itself, but Leader in combination with Avenger is just useless (Luther has the same Problem). Usually the Leader is the one who dies first, so the Avenger Trait goes to a waste.

I think Epics and Legendaries (at least them) need some unique trait that only belongs to them. Psion’s unique trait could be something like this:

“Mind Wipe drains additional 2 Mana.” or something like that.

Gar’Nok could have something like this: “15% Chance that the summoned Orc has all traits.”


Totally agree!


As you mentionned, Emperina is not the only one having bad traits.
Some common have OP traits, and some Legendaries have very dull traits, like why should Shadow Dargon have the “Venomous” as 3rd trait when his spell is poisonning every ennemies pointless?

I thought traits would be a good way to balance troops, but it clearly hasn’t gone that way in my opinion.

Besides, one hand some units have a clever synergy between their mana needs / types / spells and their traits, and some have absolutely none…

For example, good synergy :

  • Rowanne has Reinforced when she scales with armor
  • Valkyrie has Water Link and she creates water gems

Bad synergy :

  • Reaver has fire spirit while his spell removes all fire gems
  • Drake Rider has Dragon bond while not being a dragon

Makes me thinking this could have its place in here Awards - Krystara Honors - Brain Storming