Troops needing a buff

I’m gonna have to post in here as feedback is needed from the entire community. There are a few troops that desperately need a buff as I will explain in here.

Abynissia, a Mythic troop that does the same thing as Ragnagord (who starts at 50% mana 7/14). Clearly needs a buff. Before anyone says “but it spawns Infernal King” take a look at Skadi who spawns a Queen Mab vs Abynissia, Skadi definitely earns the title of Mythic.

Tesla, her 3rd trait is a complete joke. 5 Armor to Mechs? Absolutely pathetic for a Legendary troop, it’s not even a Mech and is generally never paired with mechs, she’s usually paired with Humans.

Vash Dagon a Mythic Troop Curses a Random Enemy on Brown matches. This Friday we get new Delve Legendary Troop that Curses AND webs a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches. A LEGENDARY TROOP. So either nerf that before it releases or make Vash Dagon Curse ALL enemies on 4 or 5 matches. What? Too over powered for a 3rd trait? Well so is Obsidious’ 3rd trait of Stun ALL enemies on 4 or 5 matches.

I’m sure there were a few others, feel free to add to the list


Go back to learn your troops, Vadh Dagon curse on brown match…
Who is streaming you on your gw games ? Just curious to know…

And still Tesla is considered a Tier S legendary that easily surpasses most mythic troops. Maybe an overpowered spell warrants a bad third trait?

Gaard’s Avatar which got creeped out by…an epic troop. There’s zero added benefit of the higher cost to cast GA versus Rowanne unless you’re going up against a very specific type of unit (I forget as I haven’t looked at him in a while due to him being trash and all…undead and something else?) and even then it…burns OR silences them? Ok.

A simple tweak of his boost ratio/cost/traits to at least make him as good as the epic that does the exact same thing he does would be awesome. Such cool art wasted on such a trash mythic…

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Thrall just called me. He is upset that he can only destroy 3/4 of the board and have magic link for only a 6 mana cost. He wants a buff.


Marilith’s true damage doesn’t even scale with magic. Horrific.

How about Chief Stronghorn with a Legendary trait that that gives 1 Attack/Armor/Life to Tauros allies on 4+ matches, while Ferocity give 4 to all skills on Tauros allies on 4+ matches?

That hardly seems equitable for a Legendary troop. Since he doesn’t give magic they should make it 5 Attack/Armor/Life to even it out.