The Troop Baldr to strong?!

The Troop Baldr a little bit to strong?!
Your opinion? Need a nerf soon?

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With how broken this game is, it hardly needs nerf attention to troops with chemistry.

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Nope. He’s fine. He’s good, yes, but not overpowering if used as defense which is what I use as a measure.

Doesn’t hurt if farming becomes more fun and easier for us a that’s always a slog anyway.

Need to render him useless? Go elementalist.

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16 Skulls with 90% Extraturn with 4x Blue troops?
simply that way
You can infinite loop with him.

He requires a specific build to be at his most useful. Even then, there are a couple of simple counters to him – e.g., Entangle the lead unit and Baldr’s spell isn’t particularly useful.

Yes, he can be immensely powerful in the right build, but so can a lot of other troops. But it’s not like you see a billion and six Baldr teams in ranked PvP or Guild Wars. I can’t speak for the latter, given my guild is in Bracket 13 and things are supposed to be very different at the top of that mountain, but I almost never see Baldr in PvP. (But you do see tons of Gobtruffle, tons of Beetrix, tons of Zuul’goth, et cetera.)


Seriously??? People need to stop whining about nerfing everything in the damn game. Bugs need to be fixed. THIS IS NOT A BUG!


I 1000% agree with @Raistlin. Instead of nerfing every single good troop, weapon and class in the game, the focus should be fixing the numerous bugs in this game, as well as more thorough testing before releasing updates to prevent new bugs from going live.

May I introduce you to goblins? :wink::joy:

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Strong troop but specialised - doesn’t affect game balance, not OP in my view

Elementalist on the other hand…

I do not see much that’s over powered. I see some stuff that’s under powered perhaps. I like speed so I like buffs over Nerfs.

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The team shown on video rarely fills baldr and zuul on first turn, you need sometimes 2 or 4 turns to fill them. Both. 1 of 10 times you get lucky and the result is the match shown on video.


i tried baldr, in my opinion not OP at all,

the team normally needs more than 2 turns (at least one leprechaun move then enemy move then your move again, can be ocea tome can be baldr) and usually it ends up taking 3 or 4 moves to finish the enemy team, if the enemy team have goblin loopers team, or beetrix team with 2 empowered converters, usually you’re done once they get one move.