Let's chat about traits

Looking at @KAYA43V3R 's list of traits, I note the following:

  • Impervious, and to a lesser extent the other Immunity traits, are going to be powerful
  • Presumably Stealthy doesn’t work when the target is automatic, like AoE damage or Shadow Hunter if they’re the healthiest?
  • Will Necromancy increase the souls cap per battle like the armors do, or will it just mean it’s even easier to hit the cap with Valkyrie?
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Hmmm… Huge on Jarl Firemantle could be crazy powerful: +2 Life for every 4 or 5 match? When he is a gem creator?

Is that all 4 or 5 matches, or just ones with the right color mana? Because a Huge Troop or two combined with a looping team seems extra powerful.

Trueshot is going to be interesting. Giving Orion a serious boost.

Reading the traits, I see so much more complexity. Some are very cool, some look like they will annoy.

Just wait until an agile troop dodges 3 times in a row. Of course this is very much the ability I was hoping the Sea Serpent would get for flavor and possible power.

Rock worm, +1 magic per brown ally…

doesnt work as well if you have all rock worms as they dont get team buffs