Let's chat about traits


Looking at @KAYA43V3R 's list of traits, I note the following:

  • Impervious, and to a lesser extent the other Immunity traits, are going to be powerful
  • Presumably Stealthy doesn’t work when the target is automatic, like AoE damage or Shadow Hunter if they’re the healthiest?
  • Will Necromancy increase the souls cap per battle like the armors do, or will it just mean it’s even easier to hit the cap with Valkyrie?


Hmmm… Huge on Jarl Firemantle could be crazy powerful: +2 Life for every 4 or 5 match? When he is a gem creator?

Is that all 4 or 5 matches, or just ones with the right color mana? Because a Huge Troop or two combined with a looping team seems extra powerful.


Trueshot is going to be interesting. Giving Orion a serious boost.

Reading the traits, I see so much more complexity. Some are very cool, some look like they will annoy.

Just wait until an agile troop dodges 3 times in a row. Of course this is very much the ability I was hoping the Sea Serpent would get for flavor and possible power.


Rock worm, +1 magic per brown ally…


doesnt work as well if you have all rock worms as they dont get team buffs