Scorpius -1st trait issues imo


Does anyone feel his first trait should be poison a random enemy on any skull damage?
It seems so pointless for his special which is only usable once
…his special 1st trait will rarely pop cause hes likely in spot 4.


Yeah best put him with poison troop or troop with poison trait… Giving him poison on 4+ gem match would almost be guaranteed kill… Skull damage would be okay I guess but he hits last 2 so first 2 have to die before.


Having that as his third trait would be too deadly, I think he needs to stay as is.

Most of the troops are made to work with other troops, so that the build is based off of multiple cards and not just one.

Except Infernus,


Then his first trait should be changed to something else imo. But again. His spell is a one time use. It should be op


He is op with the right group of cards, even on a all brown day in wars I have ran him.

For speed try
Rag or nobend
Magnus or korvash

All brown banner. And the top two troops can be swapped to try and poison faster.


I use him as well. Im saying his 1st trai6 is literally useless


Id rather have him give all monsters 2 hp…then skull damage poison


Combine Scorpius with Wyvern, Forest Troll and TDS…