Do anyone know the cost of Emperinas 2nd and 3rd trait?

As the topic says. Thanks for any reply! :slightly_smiling:

2nd Trait costs 22 Minors, 8 Majors and 8 Arcanes. Don’t know the costs of the 3rd Trait yet.

You’d need Arcane Lava Traitstones (Red/Brown) for Emperina.

FAIRLY sure its 4 for the last one, not 6…

Thanks for the input, looks like a lifetime to get those lava stones?

Basically. Although if the next Grosh’Nak event reverts to the initial format of the 400 Glory bundle things containing Arcanes that match the kingdom, that would be an easy (albeit expensive) way to get them. I don’t know when Grosh’Nak will get an event next though, and it may be Arcanes that match the troop instead of the kingdom (as the last one gave us Blue/Yellow for Zephyros).

Not even have one lava stone and I played like 400 pvp. Is there any easier way to get them? I guess its not, but worth asking.

You can only get it as a random drop when fighting in Grosh’Nak, so you could set that kingdom as your home kingdom with a very weak defend team. Every time you defend you will have like a 3% chance of getting a lava traitstone.

Why weak defence team?

You don’t get traitstones for AI defend wins. The devs have been quite persistent in making AI defend wins pointless in this game, so just set it to something weak for all the better rewards. Something like four Stone Walls or just your hero with a weapon would do the job.

Ah, thanks for the input. All comes down to if I want to use traits on her, they seems pretty dull, especially when shes placed as my number 4 troop in my team…

Yeah, Emperina doesn’t really need it. It would probably be best to save lava traitstones for a Sheggra if you ever get one.

lol, well said, “if I ever get one”, pretty sure that my sour luck wont find him. What level was you at when you got one?

Level 350ish xD. It was one of the last legends I ever got. Keeper of Souls was my absolute last. I didn’t have either of the major skull spawners until the old skull glitch was fixed. :frowning:

There is a level 1,000 in this game that has spent over $100 and still doesn’t have Crimson Bat.

haha, I got Crimson Bat at level 65, yesterday. My first Legendary tho. Well, it just tells everything about the random in the game, that the lad didnt get the Bat yet…

Crimson Bat is really good against lower levels. You should try putting a majority of your souls into him.

Not sure if I want, rather focus on glade and contuer or what he is named??

That works too, but a Crimson Bat with a maxed Karakoth and Darkstone for +1 magic each can be pretty devastating until about hero level 200.

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Hes a Legendary, how in the world wont it work after level 200? I hear people saying it, but I just dont get it. On what difficulty are u talking about, normal?

Normal/Hard against anything in PvP. It would start being less effective around that level for people would have more kingdoms maxed and troops further ascended, meaning all troop HP would be decently higher. It works earlier at level 1-199ish for HP tends to be more in the 10-20 range. Something like Crimson Bat + a max traited Wolf Knight would work really well.

The +1 magic for having level 10kingdoms in kara and darkstone should be my first priority no matter what? :stuck_out_tongue:

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