Will brown/purple legendaries get better traits?

Most of them is quite underdogs compared to the other legendaries.

Summons will be better once summons are reworked. Bone Dragon has a great trait for tanking against anything without frozen immune.


Is his 3rd trait really great? I think its average, but its better than the currently summoners. I wish that there was something else than summoning on those others tho…

Kerberos would still be kind of crap even with better summons. Create a Common that does almost nothing except block its own mana …


Also its not only about their 3rd trait, also 1st and 2nd…

Bone Dragon is definitely in my top 2 legendary traits with Celestasia…


I must have terrible misjudged his trait then. You are more experienced than me, so I rather listen to you.

Well it might not be that great using it, but believe me, facing it is a pain :confused:

Yeah, lol. Ive met the teams with two BDs etc its pain, but I have yet to lose against it.

Frozen Soul has changed my life.
Imagine casting bone dragon and removing around 18 armour. The guy has 23 health so you need two 3-connects to kill him.
You get zero.

That happens more than I’d care to admit.
You leave a sweet sweet board full of four and five connects.
He used to clean up your whole team.

Not anymore. Bone Dragon takes one for the team. (Well, he should. It was his mistake in the first place.) And then you resume your mop up duties and eventually Celestasia heals bone dragon if you still need him.

The fact that getting 4 of a kind skulls hits bone dragon, and then activates frozen at the same time is huge.

Not only that, but you can control the control teams by letting the core figure take a 3 skull against you.
Got a rockworm team? Let him hit you for 15, but now he can’t loop by casting anymore.
Got a marauder team? Let the goblin hit you, and then casting his spell ends his turn.
Things like that.

There are still some weird moments, but most of the time, it is awesome.

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Personally I’d put Gorgotha and Great Maw above both Celestasia and Bone Dragon’s third, but they’re all really strong. And honorable mention goes to Jarl Firemantle and Moloch for amusing match-4 passives.


The only difference being that I could afford Celestasia’s and Bone Dragon’s third, and not the others :wink:

There are many great traits out there, for sure. I hate facing Moloch, for example.
I didn’t enjoy facing a hydra’s 3rd trait today either :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I don’t really like BD in my line-up. AI is stupid whether frozen or not. Sure, there are situations, like @bluebehir mentioned, where his trait is useful, but I like others better.
On the other hand he became one of the most, perhaps the most favourite snack for my Maw ;). It’s definitely very very highly on my to-eat list whenever in opposing team…

Bone dragons frozen soul is so great simply because it is crowd control that is applied in the enemies turn.

Random skull drops in the enemies turn will now also benefit you, “misfired” skull spawners will have only little negative consequence now, cause even if the enemies yet unfrozen troop makes a skull 4+ match, the triggered frozen soul will reactively deny the extra turn for it and you are back in control.
If there will ever be real PvP, Bone Dragon will easily be one of the very best troops in the game for that particular reason.

Now Keeper of Souls legendary trait is bad right now (there are plans for summoned troops though, we will have to wait and see), but he is still an amazing troop regardless of his traits, there are other legendary troops in the game currently needing some Dev love much more to feel relevant again.