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Hey, need help with deciding which Legendaries to develop

I’ve gotten ahold of a range of Legendaries, but I’m really not sure which ones are worth being developed.

Right now I’m running a Dragon Team consisting of: Drake Rider, Venbarak, Wyvern and Dimetraxia, which serves me ok.

Now the Legendaries:

Tesla x1
Kraken x1
Shadow Dragon x1 (Got him today)
Sheggra x1
Abhorath x1
Orion x2
Imp of Love x1
Kerberos x1
Bunni’Nog x2
Keeper of Souls x1
Queen Ysabelle x1

Since it costs so many souls / gems to level these guys, which ones are even good and worth being levelled and traited?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’d do kraken and kerberos first, although there’s a change to kraken coming shortly but he’s still going to be powerful enough to be more than dangerous to play against! Don’t bother with imps and only ascend legendary troops like kraken to mythic when you have got two extra copies.


I’d agree with what’s said above. Kraken and Kerberos are probably two of the more useful troops out of that list.

There is a decent Tesla team that would be easy to make. Dwarven Gate/Dwarven Gate/Valkyrie/Tesla. Though this is more of a suggestion to try out rather than a “trait Tesla now”. Her traits don’t really sync well with the above team.


Dont ignore queen y either


You serious? What’s bout to happen to my favorite KrakBoi?

Oha, so, the Legendaries with devour?

Abhorath and Shadow Dragon are bad then?

Shadow dragon can serve a role but aborath is atm pretty poor.

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Shadow Dragons first trait is worth getting but I wouldn’t waste traitstones on his third trait. His third trait is completely useless anywhere but first slot and he isn’t really a first slot troop.


Yeah… I am a fan of the dragons and i dont use shadow dragon… I have 4 totally different dragon teams and none use him lol

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So, you have to build to your strengths and play style. I personally would suggest Keeper of Souls (Board Control/Skull Generation) and Queen Ysabelle be top priorities.

If you have an Anointed One to throw up top that’s 3/4 of a killer team.

Anointed One
Queen Ysa

I’s run with +2 yellow to fill Valk with 2 match 3s and then you are off to the races. Keep casting Queenie on AO and destroying the enemy until KoS gets filled then unload with a controlled skull generation for a home run with your pumped up AO. :wink:


Lyka bauss!


I’d like to point out that Sheggra and Keeper of Souls are worth using (not necessarily on the same team but maybe) - but aren’t worth traiting or necessary to trait in order to be useful.

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kraken still works great even without the trait,
devour ftw

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Based on the current meta and the number of times I see each legendary, I’d say your top three would be:

  1. Kraken
  2. Tesla
  3. Sheggra

Kraken is a no-brainer IMO - it’s one of the most used troops at the moment for both its legendary trait and its ability.

I’ve seen Tesla in a fun team with 2x Dwarven Gate and Valk, seems pretty good if a little niche.

Sheggra is an integral part of the Maw/IK/Sheggra/Mercy invade team.

Some of the rest on your list are certainly useful, but not as much as those 3 IMO.

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Min/Maxer perspective, I’d trait:

Kraken, fully traited, or none at all.
Keeper of Soul, first trait
Kerberos, first trait

and I’d only trait them if you plan on using them. Otherwise, I’d skip traiting any of them and start traiting a soul farming team, then leveling up commons/rares/ultra rares and traiting those, get kingdoms with 5+ stars, earn tributes etc etc


Then Keeper of Soul.
At you levels, he his a good troop.
In your hands, when you control the spell, he can be strong, and the third trait is useful too.

Makes a decent combo down the line with Orion.

If you do trait Keeper , don’t forget to also trait his spawn.

Thank you guys, I’ll be working on Kraken, Keeper of Souls, then Cerberus, and last, if I can, QoS.

Appreciate the help!