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Third trait of Legendaries: Summoning a Wight?

Why are some third traits of Legendaries sooo lame?

Keeper of Souls: summoning a Wight with attack 4?
Infernal King: Ressurrection with Level 15 and no traits?

Maybe we can have a feature in the future where we could choose between 2 Third traits?

They said that the next update will fix summons and resurrections we dont know exactly how tho.

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And then the OP will say wow keeper of souls and IK so strong (and they will be)
But yeah now they are lame.

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But Kerberos will still be lame.

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I use Giant Spider in my KoS Team and every time a lvl 15 spider swarm is summoned at first place i go like -> DAMMED again a 10 minute match…

I use Kerberos to beat 3 trait celestasia teams, works like a charm :slight_smile:

And Carnex. And Hydra.

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