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Thoughts on summoned troops

Although this may be fairly old news to many of you, as I’m fairly new to the mobile version of the game, I’m very disappointed to find that summoned troops are a shadow of their original card incarnations. They don’t get any unlocked traits OR affect troop bonuses, is that right?

I’ll use my team as an example. Here’s my lineup:

Purple Banner

Hero (Wicked Scythe/Necromancer)
Giant Spider
Keeper of Souls

Now, I’ve had great success with this team so far. And I knew the downside going in that sooner or later, a spider swarm is going to pop up in my lead spot with its tiny attack score. I accept that. I figured if I invested some traitstones into the spider swarm, at LEAST I could count on dealing some poisoned skull damage.

But no. Nothing but a blank slate.

And, looking ahead to traiting out KoS, the 50% chance that something like a spider swarm could become a Wight is looking pretty good, but no benefits of the Wight’s traits/undead status.

I don’t agree with that. I mean, what’s the point of even having a standalone card for a creature like Spider Swarm, whose existence is mostly used through summoning, if you can’t take advantage of its traits when you summon them, however weak they might be?

What are your thoughts on this?


I agree with you. Summoning level of the creature should be 15 at most since its the highest level a common troop can have, but the troop must have unlocked traits on it (if you spent traitstones on it the it should be unlocked even when summoned in battle). Also those troops must get kingdom bonuses, because there’s no reason for them not to get them.

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And if summoned troops would have traits that you unlocked on that troop that would be all the more reason to spend traits on those troops. I have fully traited spider swarm and i will o probably never ever use it. .

i think it would be great if the summoned troop is at whatever level you have it at. If you’ve got a mythic level 20 3-trait version then the summon should be that as well.


Agreed. I love the whole summoning aspect, I just want to be able to invest deeper into it than simply summoning an empty shell into the team.

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I agree kingdom bonuses should definitely apply. I don’t agree with the traits or levels past 15 idea.

Kingdom bonuses already apply to the base amount of all troops, but ascensions/traits are on an individual troop basis, and therefore would be harder to implement. If you could summon a level 20 Mythic fully traited Ghoul whenever you wanted, there’d be no point to using the actual Ghouls you own.

Level 15 common Ghoul with all kingdom bonuses should be enough to actually do something with, more than now at least.

I’m prepared to accept the fact that having summons be at whatever level your troop is may be too strong. But it makes the most sense on the surface and it’s clear that summons don’t scale well right now.

I feel there’d be significant enough difference if all your summoned troops had +8 Health, +6 Armor, +3 Attack & +4 Magic.

They’d still be scrawny in comparison to their original counterparts, but that’s kind of the point. At least with kingdom bonuses in play they could see some action instead of just being puny meat shields.

Have to say I am firmly in the camp that feels summons should be of the level that the player has made them and include traits. Would add a whole new meta to the game and one that could be fun. I have read many times and even been told that getting my recently acquired Keeper of Souls 3rd trait was a waste as it summons a weak Wight. That would definately change if it was one I had levelled and finished.

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That’s my thinking as well. Suddenly Gar’nok is good. Suddenly Black Beast is great. Suddenly Great Maw, Land Shark, and Kerberos are stronger with Devour as a counter. Adds a whole new layer to the meta!

I like summoned troops as i can summon a giant spider which has decent stats and can summon a swarm. Something about also summoning a random demon is great too. I am sad that you can not get kingdom bonuses or traits however you do get team bonuses. I want them to do it like summoned troops level is equal to their magic but cap it at 20 just so you don’t summon a level 999 ghoul or level level 999 giant spider through troops giving magic boosts. As far as traits go i would recommend that summoned troops get traits depending on their level.
My summoner team is
Hero sorcerer Crescendo
Giant Spider

On my part… said this elsewhere recently too…

Summoned troops should arrive exactly as per the player’s collection, and get:

  • ascensions and bonuses, levels and bonuses the player has
  • traits the player has invested to unlock
  • all kingdom bonuses that apply from level 10 and five star kingdoms

I don’t think that summoned troops should benefit from:

  • type and kingdom oriented team bonuses, as these trigger at the start of battle only
  • buffs from stat traits (like Leader or Fire Heart etc) as these also trigger at the start of battle

So if you want to make use of a summoner troop, you must also level up, ascend and trait up the thing being summoned too… and you should benefit from that…

Currently summoned troops are laughable, and actually help your opponent far more than they help you…


I think that devs plan to make summoned troops have traits on them that the player unlocked. That’s why introduced spider as zhul’karis ninth troop, so it could be traited and upgraded.

Yep I decided to invest in Keeper of Souls 3rd trait and it’s worse than useless thus far, the summoned Wight has the attack and HP of a housefly! Should’ve went with Bone Dragon freeze instead, at least it can be potentially useful at times.

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Any troop that summons is disqualified from any team of mine, they are terrible.

Performance of your frontmost troop as a skull damage dealer is of paramount importance in this game. If a summon substantially reduces your skull damage why is that function even in your team.

That said, EVEN IF that concern were addressed, I would still avoid summons because they spend a troop’s power budget on something that only functions if you have lost a troop. In my experience most wins involve no deaths on my side. I make sure that my team synergies still work without my front or back troop, but I don’t put value on features that only benefit me when I lose someone.

If I could redesign summons they’d be along these lines:

  • Summon a troop with your current top troop’s attack and 3 health. Its spell is “Gain Barrier”.

  • Summon a Burning copy of your opponent’s top troop.


I agree with fully traited out summons - it’s not like summons are likely to get OP in a game where you start without even a slot for them.

100% agree with this. I think this should be the starting point for a summoned troops buff. If it feels OP, fine, nerf it, but this is the most intuitive.

Just so you notice I’m closely following you on every post muhahahaha :spy:

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I agree with the OP. Summoned troop traits – especially 3rd traits for Legendaries – do not feel commensurate with the effort needed to obtain them.

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Although I agree with the camp saying summoned troops should be fully leveled and trained, I fear we will be seeing nothing but summoners troops in pvp from then on.