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Question about summoning

I am thinking of fully upgrade my KoS, but only if its 100% certain that the summoned troops will get a buff in the near future. Can anyone confirm this? Also wondering if the summoned troops get the traits, as well? Cheers! @Nimhain @Sirrian

I would assume yes, but the devs have yet to mention anything about it. I think all summons should be:

  • Include kingdom bonuses
  • Continue to support troop synergy bonuses like it does already
  • Be level capped to their base rarity, so Wight would be level 16
  • Have NO TRAITS regardless of actually having the traits

Also, Inferno King’s resurrect, and the resurrect mechanic in general if it ever becomes an ability, needs to resurrect the troop:

  • With the level it had
  • With the traits it had
  • With all the buffs and nerfs it had (would be healed to its buffed max armor/HP, but attack and magic would still be reduced if it was reduced)

Summoned troops just get in the way. :frowning:
With 5atk it takes 53 skull hits to take down a Peasant. Bahhhhhhh.
Seriously only real issue i have with the set up is the summoned troop always seems to take up a vital colored gem im workin with.

I think they responded to a recent thread about buffing summons saying they were looking into it. I’m on the go so can’t dig it up, but it was in the last couple of days. Or it was wishful thinking…

I believe this is the reply Studs meant.


Dude, is this you?

Yes, sir! :slight_smile:

You stole his lucky charms.

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