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Summoned troops traits

Hello everybody!

Could somebody explain in few words which traits of summoned troop are trigged when this troop is summoned?
I’m thinking about Giant Spider vs Thrall particularly, but if somebody knows more about rest of units that can be summoned it could be useful for other players too :slight_smile:


The summoned troop is a copy of that troop from your collection (but limited by the magic stat of the summoner). So for example, if you have a Giant Spider that can summon a lvl15 Spiderling, and your collection’s Spiderling is lvl20 with full traits, you summon a lvl15 Spiderling with full traits.

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If a trait triggers at the start of game then that trait is useless on a summoned troop.
If a trait activates on gem matches or at the start of turn then that trait it is useful of a summoned troop
If a trait is passive and only works when the troop is targeted by spell ability or attack then that trait is good.
Giant spider>Thrall.

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So two first traits of Thrall are useless, if i understand correctly. Thanks killerman3333, now it’s clear :wink:

Omg i did not even know he had two traits that activate on start of game. If he is summoned then those two traits to my knowledge do not work.

This is not the case (or at least no longer appears to be). I have a Ghoul with two unlocked traits. I just used a Summoner which brought a summoned Ghoul into battle, and he does not have any unlocked traits.

Console? There is a known bug there with summoned troops not getting their traits.
Not even sure if there isn’t the same bug on PC/Mobile.

Did you guys get the summoner update? Your summoned troops should have traits, if you gave your units traits outside of battle.

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I’m on the PS4 and a newer player. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or we never got the summoner update. I would love for another console player who’s noticed the same thing to chime in. I’m benching the Orc squad I built and will not be traiting the Spider Swarm until it’s fixed, which makes me sad. :cry: