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I feel it’s pretty safe to say that next year has arrived and that gives a good reason to inquire - has there been any progress on above mentioned alternative means for players to target specific Gem Dragons? Any news at all?

On a different note, with 20k gnome eligible non-vault-weekend games reached, this is how Dragonite Gnomes look…


Does that really say.

Youve had 8 dragonite gnomes in 20k battles.

Thats shocking percentage.

Another beautiful day in the Dungeon :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I should know better than to start a session with this – not that there’s really ever a good time for undeserved punishment. I guess I just got used to it over the years – hard habit to break…


When will they enable us to target a specific dragon boss? I thought they said next year; well, we are already in next year, and three months have passed and nothing. I hope they do what they promised.
It is depressing.


Not as bad as finding 2 bosses first then 3rd hit a trap

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We’d sooner see a dead horse pulling a cart than…could you, dear CX persons (all four of you), pool together all of your resources and get some status update? It’s been about six months since the original post (and even more since the first day players been saying that dragon egg system is frustrating, unsmart) it is next year and next year is ticking on…just because one player out of 93 is okay with buying dragonite up to the point of bankruptcy and craft duplicate eggs doesn’t mean that the remaining 92 can be blissfully ignored…or does it?

Yes, I know - it’s a longshot and naïve to hope for an answer, history teaches us that. (For example, a certain customer’s experience guru said they’d tackle officially-announced-but-as-of-yet-never-actually-released (in short - blatant lie to players) improved daily deal issue first thing next meeting around New Year and then successfully vanished from that topic without a trace to be found.)

But two can play and have fun at ignoring-poking game.


I expected to wake up this morning, come here and see the good news that targetable egg crafting update has been finished, tested, done & dusted and will be pushed live within next moments as it is high time for that…now I feel confused.


They don’t play the game. Therefore, it doesn’t bother them. Ignorance is bliss.

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We’re only 4 months into “next year”, have some patience bruh.


Now that the day has rolled over…look at what date it was yesterday and you’d realize why I expected them to come out with said announcement (and what they were supposed to say after a while).

Such a missed splendid opportunity to practice the skills!

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With another month and about 1/3rd of “next year” gone, is there any progress achieved or is it just another ostrich sandbox for our excellent team?
I, personally, don’t need targetable gem dragons - as you are very well aware -, but would surely appreciate if other players were not left at the mercy of random.


Yeah. I just got the dubious achievement of my 4th copy of a specific Gem Dragon … in six eggs. Yeah, literally 2/3s of my crafts so far have been Amethialas. If I’m doing the math right…

streak of 4 same dragons = (6 * 1^3) / 6^4
from six eggs crafted = nCr (6,4) = 20
Overall incidence = 20 / 6^3 or about 9% probability

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As the original poster @OminousGMan seems to have abandoned the forums altogether for quite some time, perhaps somebody else (like, for example, @Bramble or @Jeto, or @Kafka) is courageous enough to pick up the baton and, mayhap, provide waiting community with some kind of follow-up?
There are threads like

popping up once in a while, so people are still interested in this particular topic.

Unfortunately, one always runs the risk of having to ban oneself on dev-bashing grounds if it turns out that all was just wishful thinking and no actual work has been done (like the still ongoing testing for improved daily deals which, let me remind, was officially announced in patch notes, never actually released and all attempts to touch the topic have resulted in “talk-to-the-hand” from the powers in charge).

By the way, a hint was given in original post that dungeon doors should be truly random now…how non-tampered does this look?

Perhaps, I’ll go to 365 days in order to make a full year and then switch to a different combination (always doing 123456 for now).


nice data.

keep in mind that the qualities you’re hoping for not neccessarily are the strong suits of any of the people you tagged in your posting. picking up the baton sounds like work. but you can count on the running (away) part.


I Feel You Mate. I Made A Thread (That Was Shut Down For Being To Spicy) Directly Questioning The RNG For The Dragons.

My Lastest Count, After Making A Sarcastic Quip About Finally Getting A Topasarth, Is

Topasarth ×4
Sapphirax ×3
Garnetaerlin ×3
Emeraldrin ×1
Amethialas ×4.

So 15 Eggs, Duplicates 90% Of The Time. However, Not Nearly The Rip That Crafting The 3 Rings You Need To Make Diamantina Is. (3K Dragonite.)

I Too, Am Frustrated With This Nonsense. Even MHW/IB Has A Better RNG Rate Than This.

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67% of the time, technically. (5 unique dragons across 15 eggs = 10 dupes across 15 eggs = 10/15 = 66.66…%) Regardless, after 15 eggs a set of only 5 different dragons is actually quite common (at about 32%).

If you know which dates you crafted particular dragons, I can log that too. Because then I can compile data like this:


The lower table is how many eggs (on average) it takes us users to get a specific number of dragons in the set. According to everyone who posts, it’s taken longer than average to get a new dragon (except for the full set, which is currently faster than average).

To think this was posted in Sept of 2022. They really needed a full year just to give a way to target specific Gem Dragons.

Are they going to drag this until December?

We’ve heard nothing beyond this since last year. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:


Do you think they will do something about that? They are finding other ways to give dragonite like underspire and new stage rewards, it shows a will of keeping the things as they are.

Like most things it will only be implemented once most of the player base has already received the reward. Similar to adding power orbs to the major chaos orb drop pool.

Will they? I’m not really confident. If no one brings it up again, they’ll casually forget to do anything about it. See: every other bug this year.

Should they? … In a non-dysfunctional company, yeah, they should since they said they would. Distinctly promising something, going radio silent, then going teehee sorry, nevermind when the duration of the promise nears its deadline is the worst possible way to handle it. At least cancel it early before dragging people’s expectations for the entire year.

Coincidentally, 30 dragonite a week from Stage 15 and 100 dragonite with a lantern from completing the Underspire doesn’t really amount to much for the general audience who might not be in a position to get any of that.