Dungeon Feedback

As the original poster @OminousGMan seems to have abandoned the forums altogether for quite some time, perhaps somebody else (like, for example, @Bramble or @Jeto, or @Kafka) is courageous enough to pick up the baton and, mayhap, provide waiting community with some kind of follow-up?
There are threads like

popping up once in a while, so people are still interested in this particular topic.

Unfortunately, one always runs the risk of having to ban oneself on dev-bashing grounds if it turns out that all was just wishful thinking and no actual work has been done (like the still ongoing testing for improved daily deals which, let me remind, was officially announced in patch notes, never actually released and all attempts to touch the topic have resulted in “talk-to-the-hand” from the powers in charge).

By the way, a hint was given in original post that dungeon doors should be truly random now…how non-tampered does this look?

Perhaps, I’ll go to 365 days in order to make a full year and then switch to a different combination (always doing 123456 for now).