Double Traitstones! Turned Spoilers in the 115s


Need some extra traitstones?

We promised you a surprise this week… Add our new Runesmith to your PvP Invade Team and earn double Traitstones. Don’t miss out though, this event is only active for the next few days.

Runesmith Farming Team

What is this madness?! I still would have preferred a 2.0 preview though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno…
Is it just me, or does the smiling Runesmith art looks like some creepy pedophile…
Just what is he so happy about anyway?


I wish it were going to last longer, but even so: I am hyperventilating.

Lou, give me a milk. Chocolate.

And someone hand me some Red Vines and a Runesmith farming team, STAT!


This is great! Everyone post your favorite rune Smith teams!


So I’ve had a couple goes…seems like whatever the traitstone awarded, it’s multiplied by two (as opposed to two different type of traitstones).

Playing on Warlord I, so not sure whether it still has the chance of zero traitstones…in which case 2 x zero, is unfortunately still zero…:scream:

And although it says PvP, I had hoped it would perhaps work in challenges, but alas it did not.


ce cacat de event! Ma nonorocitilor!


Can’t argue with double Celestial.


Smart more from the devs. Now we end up with even more minor and major stones. So perhaps a lot of customers are even more willing to buy the rarer stones, because they have plenty common stones anyway to upgrade skills.

But they are in this business to make money anyway. So I don’t blame them. It surprises me everytime how they support this game and add new stuff.


Sigh, a ‘Carry ballast for double crap’ event. It doesn’t even roll twice just doubles the amount of the minor/major drops you are overloaded with anyway.

If at least the troop itself did something, like adding a TS on activation ONLY DURING THE EVENT or something. Another notch on the ignore list for me.


This event was to point out how bad the troop really is xD
He does nothing, insignificant boost, that would be slightly better if it was 2:1 ratio, but like this it’s just too weak. Other then that better double the chance of getting runic and arcane, getting double minors and majors isn’t what I really need. .


Has anyone found a good build to farm with Runesmith? I am finding it quicker to farm traitstones by not using him. The main thing holding it back from being good at farming is the fact that it can result in 0 gain. Better off winning in 1-2 minutes than to spend 3-5 for a chance of 2x.


What we really need is double souls events. NO ONE has enough souls, and with new troops every week, they are always in demand.


I don’t see why people are complaining about the fact that it gives twice the same stone instead of two random different stones…

Sure it’s more RNG dependant, but on a long farm time, it’s the same.
So it doesn’t “double your chances to get arcane stones”, but at the end of the day you do get twice the stones you would have got without the event, arcanes or minor, every stones…

What bothers me is just how weak Runesmith is, as I said in the other thread, it’s just a sitting duck with no real battle value, only his fire link is useful, but wasting the very traitstones you are trying to farm to get this trait just for this event (and improving Khaziel) is not worth it…


I found he just worked best in one of my teams as a replacement for Valkyrie.
She wasn’t a requirement in the team and was just their for soul gain while slightly speeding things up.

Runesmith (Level 1)

Works well enough against most teams, though bad RNG when exploding can be a pain. But a buffed Herdmaster fears no man, beast, or dragon!

Fast? Not really. About 3 minutes a game, depending on the opponent’s line-up. (Thanks, Wolfy!)
Obviously grinding challenges with fully-traited Dust Devils is faster, PvP can never out pace raw efficiency.

Overall, it’s a fun event. I appreciate it for it’s novelty rather than whether it’s actually helpful.


I think @Tacet comment is on point. The battle last longer, and win is less certain. . By the time I get a win with him, I can win 2-3 games with my standard team resulting in more glory, gold and traitstones.
Not to mention that I had to sacrifice not playing valkyria for including him, so that’s a huge let down. .


I ended up scouting all my foes.
If the ennemy is weak enough to play Runesmith, I play it, if he is not, I play another deck.
I’m still selecting my ennemies depending on how much gold they’ll give me though, not how strong they are or not.

Fitting Valkyrie and Runesmith in the same deck is quite a pain…
But I ended up having to add Tyri as she was actually a nice addition to my deck.
So I guess it’s a “try hard farming deck”. It is :

Blighted Land banner
Anointed One

Be advised that it is far from working against every one (it will most likely fail to Stoneskin decks, Celestasia’s third trait and Bone Dragon’s 3rd trait for example). Against others, it has decent results though.


Shame that there’s a lot of complaining about a bonus event that’s optional and could have nice benefits… Either play with Runesmith and have the benefit, or choose to ignore the event and play on, you’ve lost nothing…


Have the option to get two arcanes out of one PVP match, really, I don’t think anyone should complain at all.


I have the opposite problem: I’ve been getting… not enough minor stones. More Majors and Runics from battles.