Another round of traitstone help?

Once upon a time, we had a few opportunities at chasing double traitstones in explore battles. While I understand that those were done as a way to help the community out a bit, and not to be expected, it has been a long time, with new players coming and old ones going (through one means or another). While my main account is fully traited out, and finishing traits on my alt isn’t a priority, it would be nice to see some of the newer players in my guild get a bit of a boost. Wouldn’t even need to be a glory troop bonus. 'Member Moa Invasion? I 'member.


Oh hello there @CanyonSurfer! I second, third and fourth this request as I am a large individual quite capable of taking the place of 4 people :crazy_face: I am also a returning player who took about a 1 year hiatus and would deeply appreciate a boost to my traitstone accumulation rate. I pray that the publisher is very kind and gives us a double traitstone in explore event during a weekend gnome event. Amen.

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