Question about glory troop bonus rotation


It was just two weeks ago that we last had +400 gold as the bonus for wins in explore using the glory troop. I’ve never been able to nail down the rotation, and i thought for sure that this week would be double traitstone (and seems long overdue for double in explore).

@Sirrian @Saltypatra. Any insight into the way this rotation works would be appreciated.


I think this is just a matter of there being no formal rotation to these things. Looking over the last few months, it seems like they keep the distribution more or less equal, but there are lots of cases of different events repeating after 2,3 or 5 weeks. I’m pretty sure it is like trying to predict the color of Arcanes that will be available for glory in the shop - over a long period, they all tend to come up, but other things drive the decision.

Double traitstone in explore is going to be deliberately rare since it is too good for arcane farming, so they wouldn’t want to overdo it.


I swear I saw someone important say that they did the double arcanes as a favor and don’t plan on doing it again for a long time.

It must of been used more then they planned and people didn’t spend as much real money buying gem packs.


The last time it came up, I farmed the crap out of arcanes. I probably did a couple thousand explores that week.
For me, it didn’t really affect my gem usage, but it did speed along traiting the last of my troops. That kind of arcane bonanza just isn’t going to come up very often. Even when I was focusing almost 100% of my efforts on getting arcanes, I usually ignored the double-traitstone in PVP weeks since I couldn’t target the ones I needed and could get more Arcanes just be grinding fast explores than I possibly could by getting occasional (every 30 battles on average) bonus arcanes in PVP.


I can certainly understand only doing double traitstones in explore on rare occasions. Seems like it has been a longer stretch than usual. I’d even be excited about a moa invasion-like event.


I’d forgotten about that one! It’s a lot like the gnome events now, but I hope they do some fun stuff like that again in the future.