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Can we talk about Arcane stones

First - the bottle neck I am in now is just trying to get these specific arcane stones to trait up a troop.

I’m confused on drop rates
I’m farming in the right kingdom (for example Beast - in Wild Plains) yet, we’re not dropping arcane.

This is becoming quite the time sink to be honest. Ya, I get to have souls (lots of souls) that are getting to level up troops because I am doing nothing but round after round after round of the same old same old…

Why is it the one thing that really every troop needs is so limited???

Is there some better way to farm out Arcane traitstones faster?

Best way for now is explore mode

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Over time Explore will yield one arcane every 17.5 wins. This average is from a data set of 3265 explores.

The only faster way is to buy them with glory when the needed color shows up.


Explore is worth the time. Keep at it.

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Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, when you say you’re farming traitstones, you’re talking about doing Explore, right? If not, that’s the first thing you want to do differently. :slight_smile:

Now if you’re doing Explore but Arcane Traitstones still aren’t dropping, you either haven’t farmed enough yet or you’re having bad RNG (which happens, unfortunately). Last I checked the average should be 1 Arcane for every 30 Explores (it’s been awhile since I heard the consensus on this though so I may be off). Regardless it’s random so you can sometimes get Arcanes back-to-back and sometimes go what seems like 100 Explores with no Arcanes. It can be frustrating at times, to say the least.

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Yes, Doing Explore. I’ll keep track more closely but it is clearly not every 30 - arcane…but I will keep trying.

Mind you I am getting lots and lots of souls and just troop leveling and every mini-puzzle I get I go off to do since my getting 60 turns is starting to improve.

And the other cool part - just keep getting more hero levels… just keep swimming swimming

Yeah I don’t know if 1 out of 30 is correct but Explore is supposed to be 3x the odds of normal (Challenge, etc) and I believe normal was 1 out of 100. Still, I think it’s all guessing since, to the best of my knowledge, the devs haven’t given any concrete numbers. :slight_smile:

do you have to do all 30 in a row? I might just have figured out why I am not…I go and do treasure maps as soon as I get them now… I just finished 10 rounds and this last one got two treasure maps.

I just started and realize -oooohh that is what I have been doing…makes me wonder if you don’t stay in explore more in that kingdom until the arcane drops.

I don’t think that matters; I think it’s more that each time you do an Explore you have a 1 in 30 (or whatever it actually is) chance of getting an Arcane. You have the same chance each time so the odds are that you should get 1 arcane every 30 explores on average but odds are funky and can sometimes be a real pain in the butt. :slight_smile:

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It isn’t 1 in 30, it is closer to twice that. 1 in 17.5

My longest streak was 54 without a drop. But I also got 3 in 5 explores.


Ya it is. What is funny is it really isn’t different than the rest of the game so I am trying to figure out why this is so tedious. It has only been recently that I have started working on traiting specific troops.

i dont know where i got that from, but when explore was added i think devs were saying it should drop at rates: 5 out of 100

The tediousness comes from the fact that for efficiency it is a one-three turn match where what the other side offers isn’t really important. Thus it’s a lot of the same old same old.
The trick here is to do this for example while watching a nice series on TV.


1 arcane every 20 or so sounds right.

So if you 20,000 explores, you should get around 1,000 arcanes, +/- 5% or so.

But if you’re only doing 20 - 40, and don’t get any, then that’s just bad luck but hardly impossible.

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I’m farming for runics now, but I get more arcane than those.

It must be a conspiracy based on what you lack in your inventory. :laughing:

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Supposed chance is one in average 20 fights. What you need the understand is that the key word is AVERAGE. You can do 100 explores and not get an arcane for first 80 explores. Then you get one on 81st battle, on 85th, on 90th, on 95th battle and fifth arcane explore number 100. It’s still 1 per 20 explores played on average even tho you didn’t get any in first 80 explores. If you did 1000 explores your odds are 99%+ that you will end up between 45-55 arcanes.

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My current records show 154 drops in 2648 battles, which is very close to 1 in 17.5.

If you do decide to note your explore drops and get some hard data, heres how I record my arcane drops from explore. When I start exploring, I make a note of how many battles I have played for my current hero class and record it in a text document. When I get an arcane drop, I note the amount of battles I have fought. When I switch back to PvP or something else, I note that. When I switch classes, I note that. If you only care about the arcane drops, this is a fairly low time cost way to get some data. For me, the very act of recording the data has helped to insulate me against negativity bias and thus the bad streaks don’t feel as bad, since I know exactly how many stones I’ve gotten and when.

Also, forgive me if this is obvious to many, but buying extra glory packs is also a good way to build up your arcane collection over time. If you collect tributes often, you should eventually reach a point where you easily get more arcanes per week from troop packs than are necessary to trait said troops. Over a long enough period of time (assuming we don’t have huge periods where one arcane is conspicuously not represented for months, like Arcane Dark was until this week), you’ll slowly build up what you need to get kingdom stars, especially if you focus on “cheaper” traits. Base mythics, however, will usually require more extra than you can earn from stockpiling (using the stones on mythics means 2-3 epics/legendaries from a kingdom wont get traited right away). Don’t commit traits if you arent going to use the troop and you dont immediately get a (odd numbered) kingdom star from it, since new troops becoming available in the kingdom makes the entire starring process much easier.

If you are focusing on a specific troop you are going to use, though, unless you know the stone is coming up or is on the current week’s troop pack Explore is still by far your best bet. The only way to speed up the farming at that point is to speed up your clear times.

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That’s why I change my team usually to something not-that-efficient. For most froum users this sounds even more tedious, but for me, it’s the only way to enjoy explore for a longer time.


The RNG can be a real pain. I did 242 explores over the weekend before I got an arcane, by far my worst streak ever (I did get 4 celestials during that run though). But to balance, earlier last week I got 5 arcanes in less than 30 minutes of play.
I really think the pity drop idea I’ve seen mentioned on the forums, to end long losing streaks would be very nice. I almost quit the game a few times during that streak … almost :slight_smile:

I had a stretch where I did 220 Explores before getting an Arcane.

I also had a stretch last week where I got over 20 Arcanes in 2 days - maybe like 100 matches.