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Double traitstones in Explore for using the weekly troop - Gone for good?

I feel like it has been months upon months since we have seen a double traitstone for using the weekly troop event. Would it be safe to say that the devs have removed this option from the pool of weekly events? Or, has this already been mentioned before and I just didn’t see it?


I am sure I read that double traitstone rewards worked too well for the player and it will never happen again.

I figured it was something along those lines…it’s a bummer, but I understand why they did it.

It was 2 weeks ago … I’m pretty sure it was the week when we got the stryx troops…or was that only in PVP ? Actually I think it was just in PVP and I don’t know if I ever remember a time where you could get double in explore .

We used to get it at least once a month, but like I said that was months upon months ago…pretty sure it’s gone for good. RIP double traitstones in Explore.

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Every 3 or 4 months, it would help at the lowest levels.

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