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Several unrelated requests

First, please go back to only putting gnomes in a battle if they are actually carrying their treasure. My low level wife got unintentionally trolled in 4 straight battles while exploring due to “non treasure carrying” gnomes.

Secondly, please give us a different way to create minor traitstones in the soulforge rather than spending 2 major traitstones. For the past week I have been in a situation where I have needed a huge quantity of minor traitstones and end up severely disappointed in getting major or even runics. I can’t imagine that I am alone in my situation.

Lastly, now that we can do challenges over and over again like we do explore, could the glory troop of the week also have it’s reward bonus applied to challenges like it does explore?

Thanks for reading!

edit: Added the little tidbit that this was in explore (which is the new behaviour in 4.0). That small detail was left out due to being extremely tired and posting on mobile.

No treasure carrying gnomes are put in matches by players,so that wont stop happening anytime soon.

Exactly. So just check the opponent’s team before getting into battle.

Scouting the opponent’s team is just good practice in general. It’s baffling that people wouldn’t, in a game where 50 gold is so little of the eventual winnings.

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Or just look for the bag. It’s pretty obvious when a gnome is fake they don’t have a bag



I should have clarified. My wife was in explore the whole time. Players in pvp can use whatever they want.

Also again, my wife is low level (<50). Since this game is still new to her and her only experience with gnomes is that they give treasure it left a sour taste for no real reason.

I should also say, that it took me until I was well past level 200 to realize that goblin shamans didn’t drop anything special since the end of their staff also looked like a weird bag to me.

Also, while scouting pvp teams is good practice, does anyone bother to scout explore teams when it is pretty much a steamroll 99.99% of the time and the rewards in gold are minor compared to pvp? On another note, scouting literally every team does add up in both time per match and gold (especially for newer players).

For some reason I think folks forget what it is like being new.