Several gnomes appering in the same battle, and do not give rewards

Platform, device version and operating system
PC (Steam), Windows 10

Screenshot or image


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was doing some Explore to get Green/Brown traitstones in Zaejin kingdom.
Then 3 gnomes appeared.
I killed them all, and I got no rewards from them.
(I did notice the ‘bag’ that usually appear in the top-left corner of a gnome troop wasn’t here)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I needed 3 traitstones, got 2 already, and the ‘bug’ appeard twice, first is the screenshot you can see, the second one was with 2 gnomes. (and same happened, no rewards, and no bag appearing at the top left of the troop)
It happened to me since I started my Explores, first time seeing that ‘bug’. I’ll edit if I see more later.

Steps to make it happen again
I started to do 1 Delve, and after I wanted to change team, and see that I missed a trait on a troop, and finally decided to go farm traitstones at Zaejin kingdom.

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People use that on defense, if it has a bag, it’s a reward gnome, if it is missing a bag, it’s a normal troop.

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Isn’t supposed to have a bag those who drop stuff?

It is an Explore Battle, so what’s the matter with defense teams ? o:

I’n never seen gnomes appear in explore like that, but if they don’t have a bag, it’s not considered a reward gnome.

Because people use gnomes all the time on defense, I guess now they are in the troop pool in explore, as well.

Gnomes can not have rewards when appearing in explore battles ? o:
With 3 appearing, I had really any luck if so --"

I just fell on a 4 times gnomes. 2 Tresure gnomes + 2 Soul gnomes and only the 4th has a bag on the troop :x

Please read this IF THEY HAVE A BAG ON THE CARD they are a reward gnome, no bag = not a reward gnome. Your gnomes did not have bags, so they were not reward gnomes, they were simply normal troops that happened to be gnomes.


It’s good you posted this though, as the gnomes being in explore card pool might be a bug.

And I’m sure a lot of people will be coming here posting something much like you did, as it is new to see gnome troop cards in explore like that.

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Zaejin :rofl:

I knew players troll and put them in defense, had no idea gnomes without bag are a thing in explore.


There has been some odd gnome movements reported in our guild also including this subject.

Gnomes popping up in raid and pet rescues which we never saw back in 3.5 :thinking:

Screenshot is from yesterday’s pet rescue

As to identify further the real and fake gnomes.

  1. Check the roster before the fight, if a gnome sits in the enemy team it’s a fake.

  2. At the start of the battle a real gnome makes a manic laugh, a fake doesn’t.

  3. Check for the money bag next to the portrait like advised above.


it really sucked when I started a raid fight and the gnome took Zuul Goth’s spot. No chance of points=sadness😢

Gnomes can appear in Explore battles without loot occasionally, it’s not a bug.

@ArkadeADD1CTif you write a support ticket with the date/time this issue occurred we’ll look into that for you. Please put it in the ‘Missing Rewards’ category.


Okay, thanks for the info, and sorry for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:

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Nah, it’s fine. It gave me a vault key and got me past a tough fight. Really happy I got the vault key as it is the first one I got from a gnome in a long time.

This has been happening a lot to me. I think Cedric Crinklesack is appearing because I’ve been using him recently (I’ve noticed in explore troops you’ve been using a lot tend to appear randomly). However I had a battle Thursday night that had a treasure gnomes, soul gnime, and Cedrick. All with no bags or rewards. This is all happening in explore. I KNOW people use gnomes in PVP to “trick” people. But I was getting double or triple gnomes with no bags in explore. When is restart my game I’d get regular gnomes again, until Cedrick showed up, after that I would find gnomes with no loot bags.

I’ve begun restarting the game after I get a gnome with no loot bag in explore. Seems to help, but it’s really annoying.

Screencap of 3 gnome battle in explore that was discussed.


This also happened around the same time as the other. I accidentally blew up the treasure gnome in the first slot before I took a screenshot. But it was 2 treasure gnomes, and a soul gnome, no nahs, in explore.

I’ve had it happen a bunch with one or two treasure gnomes at a time. I just didn’t think about screenshots until later. IMG_0f557513-a533-438c-a509-7ef6a21d0fe0

Here is one more, from explore in Zaejin