Two gnomes one bag

As per title, why am I being screwed out of a second gnomes rewards???

And rewards

The 2nd gnome isn’t a treasure gnome. It’s just the gnome troop that can be randomly selected for explore battles like any other troop.


No it isn’t. It’s during explore as evidenced in the second pic.

It can’t possibly be as intended is it?

My guess is that only one gnome can hand out rewards per match even if you do get 2.

You need to re read my above post. Notice no money bag in corner on 2nd gnome?


@Fleg Fleg is correct. A treasure gnome is distinguished by the money bag icon on their portrait. If a gnome has this excluded then its just a gnome, not a treasure gnome as we know of them. So there was only 1 treasure gnome in the picture.

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Explore takes a quest or challenge from the kingdom and randomly subs in a troop (with some restrictions). This troop can be a gnome, but it won’t be a loot-giving Treasure Gnome, it will be the version of the troop that can be handed out to players from the vault as a common troop. This gnome will appear in the lineup on the scout screen. As troops are getting added in when the battle is initiated, another check is performed to see if a random troop will be swapped out for a Treasure Gnome. You got both the extremely rare random gnome as an explore troop coinciding with the semi-rare Treasure Gnome occurrence. The Treasure Gnome is the one that has the bag icon.

Don’t bother arguing to me that having the regular gnome be in the troop pool will just cause unnecessary confusion and probably some support tickets, I already brought this up.


One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the developers like to give players the opportunity to troll each other.

If a player puts a Treasure Gnome in their party, that Gnome does NOT drop a prize. It’s just a troop. That’s why it doesn’t get a bag. If you scout a team (or have auto-scout) and you can see a Treasure Gnome, that is NOT one that will drop a prize. Practically every player who has encountered this has been upset, which is why people make Treasure Gnome parties to troll people.

As Mithran pointed out this can also happen in Explore randomly. This is when the devs get to troll you. If you have auto-scout or are used to looking for the bag, you get it. If not, it turns into a forum post.

The best solution for us all is probably to help the devs feel the fun of being trolled by filing a bug report in both the forums and zendesk every time it happens to you. Maybe after a few thousand bug reports they might reconsider! :slight_smile:


Some gnomes with bags still drop nothing - its not as bad as before but it still happens

I was going to suggest that they might have both given you gems and the ‘bags’ in your rewards stacked on each other, like traitstones do when Gnomes give you that lousy minor. Not what’s happening here, but worth noting.

The bag/no bag in the screenshot makes it pretty clear that one is just a random troop, not a specific Gnome spawn.

The amount of people that aren’t objective in this thread is baffling. The title is wrong, it should be: “Two Gnomes One Sack”

About the Treasure, the sackless gnome is just a random troop that got generated into that explore battle.


2 gnomes 1 cup


Yes, some “Humourist” put a 4 x Gnome Team into PvP. Oh how they must have chortled at the number of people they probably pi$$ed off at not getting any rewards…


I get it, but there is no way I am giving that a like.


This made me literally lol. :joy:

Twice in a row I had treasure gnomes with sacks drop nothing in Glacial Peaks.

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If the gnome and the battle give minor traitstones, and if those stones are the same color, then the gnome award doesn’t show up as a separate entry. You get a tiny message that says “3 minor traitstones” instead of “minor traitstone”. Could that be what happened?

Maybe it’s an April’s Fool preparation thing?

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There’s an article on this here that has been around for awhile.

Hopefully this helps outline it a little better, what Fleg and others have said is correct. Your rewards otherwise look correct for having killed 1 gnome, 5 gems can be received from 1 gnome.

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