Please, no more double traitstone events until you come up with

A way to diversify home kingdoms. I already have 4x as many yellow traitstones as anything else. There’s literally no reason to participate in an event like this.


It’s funny. On console, we get random traitstones from PVP and I have the same problem: more minor yellows than I can use while I’m bottlenecked on every other colour. I think it has as much to do with the balance of troops released (fewer yellow troops than others) as it does with home kingdom for you guys.

Also, we have yet to have a single double-traitstone event on console. Just sayin’.


I’m a simple man, I see Whitehelm I skip. Yes, I’ve been doing that last 2-3 weeks. I used to have 4x as many yellow stones as anything else, but now down to 2.5x only (runic is still 4x though XD).

It would be great if people change their home kingdom to anything but Whitehelm when this kind of double traitstone event happens. At least for one week.


For me, double purple is my glut.


Hahha you got me laughing so hard on this one xD

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How do you do that AND find teams of giants?

I mean seriously? If I had to skip Whitehelm AND Bone Dragon, I would run out gems!

Putting single troop defense seems worked for me. A lot of people put either single troop or 4x giants in 5k-8k bracket. Fewer PvP points though, but it doesn’t matter. But of course you can’t dodge 100%, sometime, like Harold, you’ll face 3x Whitehelm and no giants on your PvP opponent list. :grin:


This is exactly why I don’t bother with the double traitstones. I tried a little bit today and if I skipped Whitehelm I would get double minors. :scream:

Oh well, at least I’m done with snot stones.

I wouldn’t normally worry about it except I’ve been having extraordinary luck lately with PVP getting arcane traitstones every 20-25 matches. Been happening for about a week. Unfortunately for me, for every one good traitstone I get, I get three arcane summers.

Harold loves to collect the Summer Arcanes. :wink:


I would be happy with double Runics. Not Yellow! I’ve got so much yellow you’d think I’m Jaundiced. :lemon:


Can someone explain the"single troop defense" purpose? I have come across 2 or 3 teams in the past 24 hours on PvP using only a single troop.


Currently the only known way to affect the team score of your opponents in PVP is to change your defense team’s score. A lower defense team score tends to mean lower team scores when you invade. It’s not an exact science, but some people do the one defense for that purpose. Another reason is that it’s easy to beat, meaning revenge battles are more likely to arise, which gives more rewards than normal ones.

Using one troop defends also give more variety of teams so you’re not facing the same old teams every battle. It’s a nice change from the bone dragon wraith famine and courage.


Simply put - Defense teams are what you the Player fight.

It also controls what range your 3 choices are going to fall into.

I have been doing the 1 or 2 because the fact is no matter what I put in there - even my best of best the number of losses is almost the same. So why not help out my fellow players by giving something they can use. I would put 4 giants in this week but I ended up without realizing it turned my lowest level giant into a mythic to get 7 stars for the Kingdom. DOH.

So there are only two- and it’s a nice 5k team.

Personally I am so sick of DB, and the Ops that I try to avoid now most of the time to do PVP. I look for times when the teams are varied and more useful. Been getting pretty good at hunting down when I can get 5-7 wins without running into Ops.

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The general purpose putting single troop on defense is to lower your team score. By having low team score, you’ll face weaker opponents which means easier and faster battle and get a lot of revenge battle. You’ll get fewer PvP points though (for me it’s 15 for 1tr battle, 23 for 2tr battle, 31 for 3tr battle). So if you’re aiming to be on top of leaderboard, this strategy might not so good. By lowering my team score, I also found more wide variety of deck and home kingdom.

I have 9671 maxed out team score. If I put that deck on my defense, I’ll face with opponent in the same bracket. But if I put one single troop, my deck score down to 5846. So I’ll face opponent in 4k-8k bracket.


Here’s, for example, my latest PvP opponent list @htismaqe

I have option to choose 4x giant team in the right for snotstones or 1x bombot in the middle for easy and quick 2x traitstones. And since I’m done with snotestones, I’ll pick the bombot one. :grin:


Normal statistical situation :sunglasses:

I wish I could get that kind of spread more than once in 10 or so tries!