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Runesmith Farming Team

With the announcement of double traitstones, I am brewing coffee and pouring over spellbooks, grimoires, and old H.P. Lovecraft stories trying to make a decent Runesmith team.

Please break out your Necronomicons and share a hex or two. I am pouring souls into the old boy as we speak.

Prepare yourself. Roflcopter coming in for a landing. At this exact moment, I SERIOUSLY kid you not, I am using Runesmith, Valkyrie, Giant Spider, and Keeper of Souls under a Divinion Banner.

My “strategy” (heavy air quotes) is for Runesmith to put armor and attack on Valkyrie so that when Runesmith valiantly sacrifices himself, Valkyrie can go out in a blaze of Norse glory. This team has a preternatural lack of synergy.

My only defense is that I am suffering from lack of sleep and a kind of purple haze generated by caffeine overuse.


So I have not had too much success “creating” good team builds in my GoW experience. Haven’t been able to get the knack of it. So what I did was pick one of my teams that could stand to lose a troop and sub in Runesmith.

Treant ***
Valkyrie ***
Runesmith ***
Banshee ***
Red / Yellow Banner

Did two pvp defends with success. Didn’t feel confident going against @dhjl’s stoneskin team but the other two . . . seemed to work well.


That looks like a decent, but quite slow team.

I wonder if I am not better off sticking with my very quick regular invade team? I might not get a traitstone every time, but I do have a 99.9% winrate with it and I’m fairly certain I can win 2 battles as quick (or quicker) than most Runesmith teams can win 1 battle…


I’ve been using:
Bone dragon***

It’s a little slow, but it is very powerful!

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It is slow @Darkness. But I’ll try other builds. Just my first attempt. And your point is valid. Considering most of us are swimming in minor and major traitstones . . . what’s the point of doubling up the collection? Only beneficial if you’re lucky enough to pop an Arcane. Few and far between for me.

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Agreed. It’s pretty meh.

Considering how bad Runesmith is, having to include him to get the bonus is pretty detrimental to match time. Better to stick with a fast invade team.

And yeah, with the drop rates on arcanes as low as they are, I prefer 2 separate chances at rolling for an arcane (current situation, fast team) over 1 chance at rolling to get one twice (proposed slow runesmith team). This of course assumes 2 x runs at current speed are equal in time taken to 1 x run with a Runesmith team. Arcanes are really the only thing that matter as they are the bottleneck.

It might be worth it if:
1 - The roll was done twice, not 2 x the one rune roll, or
2 - Flat increase to arcane drop during event, or
3 - Add Runesmith to DEFENCE team to get a chance to get a rune on successful defend (ie when people invade you and you did nothing but build a cool defence team that repelled them)

I feel like the devs weren’t even trying with this one. I’m sorry, I love this game (or did), but the only thing keeping me in it right now is not wanting to consider the amount of time I’ve sunk into it to be a waste, and hoping that the new guild features will be awesome.

Enthusiasm running on fumes right now, this ‘event’ is not helping.


Well I’m not THAT down on it. It’s a unique and interesting event that has got me thinking about team building.

I’ve played lots of games where there are events like this on a daily our weekly basis. Day 1 run this guy get more gold, day 2 run that guy get more souls etc. I think this could be the foundation for some interesting stuff like that.


Hmmm I’m a bit disagree with this, everything is good to take.
And despite that I have a lot of traits in my troops, I miss a large amount of common rune, so his shalt won me a little time.
And if lucky, then a double arcane or celestial, its always fun :slight_smile:


I won a double celestial already! Was pretty cool!


Im using right now,

Goblin Rocket***
Goblin Rocket***

Double Red banner.

Risky but fast team


So far I’ve had success with:

Infernal King**

Though I’d say it works despite Runesmith, not because of it. Gorgotha can stomach the extra hits, especially buffed by Runesmith. It’s a lot slower than Sheggra in the Runesmith’s slot.


My team at the moment:

The Great Maw
Spark Rocket

Double Red Banner

Quite fast and Rune adding attack to my Maw make it quite strong


Can’t build a good team with Runesmith : he is basically a Sparkgrinder on meth, taking red gems as medication.

There are very few good decks with Sparkgrinder, and these use the fact that Sparkgrinder’s effect is doubled on Construct…

So you have to build a deck despite him, a deck that runs on 3 cards easily…

So far, I know only 4 very powerful 3 man decks, but these are slow…
Alchemist/Eternal Flame/Goblin Rocket
Giant Spider/Green Seer/Boar Rider
Green Slime/Green Seer/Shaman Goblin


I won’t include Runesmith in my leveling schedule because of this event. And since I’m not playing PVP anymore, I don’t have a reason to level him.

Nevertheless it’s a surprise, they included a double traitstone event, but limiting it to one troop is just silly.

A skull generator team seems like it would work the best with him. Right now I am using:

Runesmith (instead of Gloom*** which is admittedly annoying)
Infernal King*

+2 Red Banner

As with any buffing troop, cast it once or twice and it doesn’t really matter what its stats used to be. Maxing him out and ascending to mythic isn’t critical since his magic scaling sucks.

I said I wasn’t going to trait him but I might… have to see. Got a list a mile long of Red/Purple troops I’d rather do first.


Anointed One
Hero (Eternal flame)/Summer Imp/Banshee

Runesmith’s fire link comes in handy. With proud banner, fire link, and fast, a single red match fills Anointed One on the first turn. Then, he fills himself up the second turn by creating two additional red matches.

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I’m with @Zelarith on this one. Since his move doesn’t change the board in any way, you give up your turn for the buff. I’m used to playing control decks, and Runesmith slows them down far too much for his buff to be worth it. I don’t think I’ll be taking advantage of this event, as nice as the devs’ intention was.


I agree. Really hoping to see more “challenges” like this. Peasants want to be heroes too! (50% bonus rewards for every Peasant in your invading team!)


I’m amazed nobody has realised yet (or everyone ignores the fact) that Runesmith is a Dwarf. I already had a Dwarven team with huge amounts of life and armor, due to the Dwarven bonus plus Khaziel bonus. So I simply replaced Sparkgrinder with Runesmith.

Dwarf Lord *
Keghammer *
Runesmith *
Bombardier *
Brown/brown banner

this team gets:
+8 life (4 Dwarfs)
+4 life and +2 armor (3 Khaziel troops)
+8 life (4 times Dwarf bond trait)

So far it’s holding up fine. I’m just skipping Goblin teams. The life and armor stats are impressive, but the attack lags somewhat behind. However, this is where Runesmith comes in. :slight_smile:
Stats are (after traits are fired off):
Dwarf Lord: Life 52, Armor 31
Keghammer: Life 61, Armor 20
Runesmith: Life 56, Armor 20
Bombardier: Life 60, Armor 23

This team is a fast loading one! Dwarf Lord needs only 9 (bl/br), Keghammer 12 (ye/br), Runesmith 10 (re/pu) and Bombardier 8 (re/br). Makes up for the lower attack at the start.

EDIT: forgot to mention that all troops are Mythic, except Runesmith (legendary).


Do we still get x2 stones even if Runesmith dies during the battles?