Do you trust me? Or not

  • I trust you
  • I don’t trust you
  • Idk

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Lol this is a joke?


Nope it’s no joke


What happen if majority don’t trust you?


Well then ik that most don’t trust me here


No I don’t trust u as far as I can throw you! You first appeared on global ingame chat and bashed ur old guild leader, Hoop, for over 2 hrs. Although you have a higher level account on another platform, you were a newbie to pc/mobile. You also went on several servers on discord to spread your hate as well. You joined these servers just to spread hate not be recruited. You were a newbie that was given a chance on accident and you didnt live up to expectations. That’s on not the guild leader’s fault! That’s your own fault and it seems I’m not alone on this! You did this to yourself. Hope u can make amends, but 1st impressions stick you know. You want trust back? Go to every server you joined and appologize for spreading hate. Start there and people will start trusting you again…maybe.


I only did it in one server thank you very much and I’ve already made amends with @Hoop for what I did it was a miscalculation on what was required.


Personally I trust you bec I haven’t seen you do anything wrong however, it seems a lot of ppl don’t trust you I’d try to find out why and see if you can fix their trust issues with you.


thanks I’ll try that


I trust people I know personally and in real life. Everybody online is just a bunch of text to me, unless I do mic chat with them, then they are a floating head with a voice.






Be careful with this thread, please.


It will be ok @Saltypatra. Trust us :smiling_imp:


@BRchell now the question is do i trust you :stuck_out_tongue:


He looks a bit shifty in that picture… :laughing:


I have never seen you before and I do not get the context of this thread, at all. I trust you as much as any stranger on the internet, which is “not at all until I understand the context”.


This is irrelevant, it doesn’t matter where you are, people will judge you for many reasons, sometimes fairly and sometimes not. Previous experiences always gives you some “baggage” to carry around, specially as you try to become a better person. This is what most people would call Karma, “You carved this cross now you carry it.”, and such…

But the most important thing is that we are not here to give you validation or take pity on any predicament that is most certainly due your own fault. If the experiences you had here will help in your future that’s up to you when considering everything that transpired to this point.


Most important thing is you voted and trust yourself this is a good start


@en9nhcet advice seems wiser… :rofl: