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To the community in general

I just want to let you all know that i have just transferred leadership of my guild and left it. I then uninstalled GoW from my phone and intend to do the same on my ps4 once i get home.

I believe a congratulations is due to a few people…
@turintuor @RiverSong @Drathas @ThrowAwayPlegger @Darkness

Just to name a few…

Thanks for making this place so shitty that i cant even stomach to play the goddamn game anymore.

So go ahead and celebrate now that you all have driven me away from the game and the forums

The bad guy

Good luck with your future endeavours I guess.

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Sorry to see you go brudda. :cry: Take care!


Dude, honestly, you are really pathetic. Like really really.


Nobody drove you away but you. But congratulations on a successful projection, I guess. Expecting you back within a week.


I can see why you would say that… Never left my guild before tho so i am sure you will be happy hear this is a permanent departure

Dont believe i left my guild? Ask @Flatulenzio

Guess a week was too long. Should have known it would only take minutes.

If you’re really going because of all the alleged abuse you receive, why are you hanging around expecting more? Oh, I remember now - one last celebration of your victimhood. As long as you’re still here, it won’t be the last, because you will continue to look for ways to ramp up the volume.


Alleged huh? Why dont you post a screenshot of the pm u sent me the other day? You have my permission

Because, unlike you, I follow the rules of the forums, which require that personal disagreements be taken to pm. But I wouldn’t expect that to fit into your fantasy either.

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Yeah… Nice excuse @RiverSong you just dont want everyone to see your bullying and abuse.

Its far easier to call me a liar

I’m done here. You feel free to revel in your delusions. Have a safe trip out of here, if you’re actually going. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Lol… Exactly. @RiverSong You absolutely refuse to admit to your bullying and abuse. So keep calling me a liar but i promise the truth shall be revealed…

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The game has a block feature maybe forum should too so people who don’t like one another or can never disagree can just block each other and never have to talk again😛

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That’s unlikely to happen, as the forum software author has philosophical opposition to user blocking. They’d have to swap away from Discourse.

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@Vangor I am sorry to see you go. Forums won’t be the same without you brudda! Keep in touch…

Edit: For what it’s worth, I was asking for a rework of Fizzy too and did not receive the same backlash that Vangor did. Perhaps my comments are not as… blunt… but he is a Jedi Gorilla after all. I hope that we as a community can learn from this and grow. There is no reason to treat anybody here with intolerance or disrespect. We are all striving to make the game we love better with our suggestions. That should be the glue that binds us together not tears us apart. :heart:


are you saying this doesnt work?


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That only blocks notifications. It doesn’t block the person’s posts.

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ahh a shame :"( lol


There is a way to block a user using AdBlock or similar content blockers, but it’s a bit technical (and a hack, so it might break at any time).

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