Do you trust me? Or not



That is very valid thank you


I’m just trying to see what I need to change with my actions and what I can keep


No, I don’t trust you. You have posted obviously false comments in the forums, you’re obnoxious as hell in Global, and this thread removes all doubt.


I mean in game wise obviously it’s not in real life


Everyone tell you this was new weapon and you keep saying they were old. Even salty told you it was new and you still aguing they are old.

And after that you said out of nowhere you score 9960 in GW

Seriously how do you want me to trust you?


That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Also i know it’s irrelevant that’s why it’s in off topic


please elaborate as for I don’t know what you mean


that 9960 was a random number I came up with as a joke. The weapons were old as is this new one coming up


Omg you not helping yourself


well some ppl just will hate. I’m trying to make amends with whatever caused ppl to not trust me



I don’t trust you because it seems you will do anyting just to get attention, including spamming endless short reaction posts, and even lying to impress people. I also have several reasons to believe you and @JensenAckles are the same person, one of them is the exact style of speech.

It’s true that on the internet, it’s hard to know whoever is telling the truth, so it’s easier to just lie, because no one will know anyway. But the truth is, even if no one can prove you wrong, deep inside, you yourself still know that you lie.

So please, just be honest about anything. If you have relevant opinion on some discussion, join them. If not, just read and learn, don’t try to lie just to fit in. Unless you already know all about that and just posting this thread just to get even more attention, then I don’t see any points with me (or anyone) talking to you anymore.


Silly, unhelpful and divisive thread. Daft question to ask an anonymous population of posters on the web whose only vague connection is a shared interest in a game.

I’ve no idea who you are, and sorry am not in a hurry to find out more… no idea if I’d trust you are not. But the internet’s full of creeps and nutters. Don’t create extra reasons for forumgoers here to conclude you’re one of them…


Me and Jensen aren’t the same ppl and I don’t do stuff just to get attention. I don’t spam I just reply to everyone who comments. I don’t lie to impress ppl and I do be honest about everything. Also I created this thread to see why everyone but, a few ppl don’t trust me abd try to fix that. Not for attention.


That’s why it’s in off topic. This thread is just for me to know who trusts and who don’t and try to fix whatever reason why ppl don’t trust me



I’m debating whether to delete this thread entirely. I don’t know what insanity possessed me to not immediately lock it in the first place.