Report A Player

Hey Kafka I hate to bother you but I know several people have reported this same person and nothing is happening you know I have been playing for years. Anyways back to the report the night king/Tammy has been harassing so many players it is unreal and these are very nice people as well that have been around for a long time. People have begged her to stop and she will not quit being a troll. She first started out with name Tammy and then switched to the other name I mentioned when most blocked her. Now she is even going to the Facebook page and harassing guilds on there because when the post a a recruit message she knows who the leader is and harasses them. Is there anything that can be done about this matter. Thanks! It said you were not accepting messages currently so I hope this reaches you!

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nice story. if you make such a public callout/topic why not provide detailed proof?
due to public callouts I doubt this thread stays open very long. but then again: holidays and no wild Bramble in sight for the job.

what you should’ve done:
create a gow support ticket like everybody else [regarding stuff that happens ingame!] is expected to. and you should’ve dealt with (long) waiting times on either this ticket being handled - or not , which also is a likely outcome.

how do you expect facebook to be moderated? how? it is a external platform. you stated yourself, that it is (often) even possible to message people directly. What’s your expectations on that?

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Kafka seems to have moved on to Puzzle Quest 3, you’ll have to contact her on that forum.

Thanks FDTO I appreciate it!

I have made a report the other way as well just like everyone else. Kafka knows me really well and knows I just do no report everyone. I am not here to argue. As far as FB I know they can moderate that but it was just an example of some over the top stuff this person is doing. Have a good day!