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Trolls in global

The devs are too busy to police global. And when players are banned on other platforms they just show up on PC/mobile for the attention they crave.
But be smarter than me. Don’t defend yourself. Cause then you can’t recruit for your guild. Thanks devs for disappointing me once again. I follow all the rules. But that doesn’t matter when you make them up as you go.


I don’t think the forums are the right place to discuss this. We don’t have, nor should in the first place, knowledge of what transpired in Global chat.

I hope things get sorted out as soon as possible for all involved.


I wrote a DM already being more specific on the matter. Just trying to warn others not to be egged into talking crap with trolls. “Respected members of the community” end up getting banned.
It sounds like my ban was already discussed on the public stream. So it’s too late to be a private matter.

Ouch! Hopefully it’s your first ban so only 24h ban i think

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You got banned while Salty was streaming and checked in on Global when you typed something she did not like.
I would suggest you take this up with Salty.

I’m not sure how you responded, but if the devs deemed it as a bannable offense…

Yeah, but for what it’s worth i don’t think a discussion here will make justice to any part involved, be it you, the devs or the others. So while this is really frustrating as you pledge you were only defending yourself i think things can get out of hand real quickly here too…

But do as you see fit.

That’s your idea of pg13 language??? :man_facepalming:


Please take up your issue in private. The forum is not a place to dispute bans in public.


I would like to make a public statement concerning what happened on stream today. I will also be contacting you privately regarding this matter, @awryan.

I have a lot to say, so I will try organise my thoughts and express them as succinctly as I am able.

The language that you used does cross the PG-13 line and was both aggressive and triggering in nature. That alone is a bannable offence.

I understand that there were multiple offenders in global chat. I am reviewing this situation internally and will be acting in the best interest of the community moving forward. Please trust my judgement and have some patience as I do so.

Another point I wish to make concerns retaliation. If someone is trolling you or goading you into an argument, this is inappropriate behaviour. Please report said player to the developers via Discord, PM or support. We will investigate this report and act accordingly. However, it is not appropriate to engage in the same behaviour in return, nor turn to insults or abuse in retaliation. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, regardless of circumstance. Attacking or harassing a player that is trolling you is not an appropriate response or course of action. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact the developers and choose to not engage or escalate the conflict any further.

If you violate our community guidelines, you are liable to be banned. Yes, context is important, but abuse, harassment and crossing the PG-13 line are never necessary, appreciated or appropriate.

If in doubt, report a player to us so we can review their behaviour, and treat others with the same respect and kindness you wish to be extended.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be investigating this incident today and doing what is best for our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.