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Abusive language

Not sure where to report abusive language in the forum. This is ridiculous. People try to go on and ask questions and these people are admitting they are drunk and high.

There is no place for this. This and the person talking about a persons deceased relatives and doing crude things with them.

If this is how they act they should be banned from chat. Totally unacceptable. I am not afraid to show who I am. If this needs moved or whatever that is fine. Thank you

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The proper location to post something like this is to here:



I reported it there now as well. Thank you. Several need banned. This is totally unacceptable. Where is a dev when you need one in chat.

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Sorry @Brat, end of our day, and most of the support team had gone home.

Nimhain is still here however, so she’s given Mr Sanchaz the DIrty a timeout for a few days.


Sounds good. Hopefully you can add his buddy Kontact (think that’s how he
spells it) as well. Both is the same guild. Just trying to help keep the
game clean and fun. Thank you.

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NEVER GO INTO CHANNEL ONE, THAT’S WHERE ALL THE ‘BAD KIDS’ HANG OUT! :joy::crazy_face::skull_and_crossbones::poop::smoking:

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DI have been told that when you report bad behavior in Global chat, it is also helpful to include a screen shot of the player’s profile, along with the shots of the dialogue.

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I have taken screenshots of the chat and the player profile and then sent them by pm to Salty


Yeah the only way to get the name change for the vip trolls is to post the screenshots here.

They wont be banned for long if they are whales.

Anal rape threats are acceptable in this game, and that’s been confirmed by support.

Happy Christmas all.

…and tidied

Hey! Please feel free to report people to our support team or me directly so I can deal with them accordingly/ I’ll be removing the screenshots as they violate community guidelines and might offend people. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we could investigate these players.

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I have sent emails directly. This includes these and additional screenshots. Thank you.

Thank you @Brat. :slight_smile: