Disenchant paralyzed my hand

Instead of needing to tap the right arrow till my hand can’t tap anymore from paralyzation let us tap the LEFT arrow to go in reverse (tap left arrow once showing 49,48,47 etc)

It’s probably been asked in the past ? Anyhow going through a bunch of troops and disenchanting like crazy is not healthy for my hand -_-


No offense, but why would you be disenchanting before it’s reached mythic?

That’s the base rarity.

I have 49 mythics of that troop and also 200 more mythics with 40+ copies that’s 8000 clicks/tap+ when I go through the list.

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That’s odd, on console the disenchant screen shows the current rarity, not the base rarity.

Good to know but the tapping and clicking is still an issue, the nerves on the wrist is easily overworked from mass disenchant.

I opened over 2K glory keys today and yes I’m In Intrim -_-

Try an auto clicker there should be plenty with different degrees of complexity;)

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How about an easy fix @Sirrian @Nimhain :joy:


This is why I don’t disenchant:

Games with the main mechanic of clicking aren’t even this bad… :stuck_out_tongue:


If only we could just put in a number with a keypad or through the qwerty keyboard or popup key board. (yes i am throwing app users in too.)

Is this allowed @Sirrian @Nimhain ?

im icing my clicking hand as we speak! :sob:


Why would anybody care? It isn’t like it lets you win matches or earn more rewards.

It’s also completely undetectable. It would be pointless to proclaim using one to be disallowed.

I’d prefer to not need third party solutions like an auto clicker can they please just add in a button to put in max amount (saving 4) as that’s the most you are ever going to need to keep. Or even better get rid of enchanting all together and any extra troops are turned into souls automatically when you get them saving us all the trouble. The hoarders will probably want to kill me for suggesting this though, but its not like their hoard will be gone it will just be converted to souls. They can keep hoarding more souls then the devil himself if they wish.


You need to train your hand then, there are whole pages solely devoted to that, like for example PornHub. :smile_cat:


I am not trying to be obnoxious in any way, but this is false. It can most certainly be detected. Doing this in games where third party options are verboten can get you banned.

With that in mind, here is a simple quick and dirty solution using a script.

If the developers have any problem with this in any way, please let me know and I will delete this instantly and never post about it again.

It is just an option to reduce clicks because carpal tunnel yanks.

This is an autohotkey script that you toggle with the F5 key–change it to whatever you desire. Also, experiment with the number 800 to find your sweet spot. The amount of time to pause is in milliseconds; that is, if you would like a click at one second intervals, then choose the number 1000.

Just use standard ascii and name it with an .ahk filename extension, then compile with the right click option.

Brew a good strong cuppa and enjoy.

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
;#Warn ; Recommended for catching common errors.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

*F5::SetTimer, Spam, % (i:=!i) ? “800” : “Off” ;modify F5 key to change toggle or 800 to alter delay


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I 100% agree with this, being able to tap left to go to whatever the max is, would be very helpful and really shouldn’t be complicated to implement.


No offense, but there are autoclickers that are as simple as programming a button press to click x times per second. Stuff like mouse clicks in the disenchant screen would happen 100% on the client side, there’s no way they could (currently), would, or should detect how fast your mouse is clicking in this scenario without an absurd amount of resorces that would never actually be devoted to doing so. Is it theoretically possible? I guess you could implement a server side check to see how many mouse clicks are occuring, but again, they would never do that. It would clog up server resources, and for what? This is one of the only scenarios you would ever need an autoclicker in this game. I am 100% confident that the devs would never devote resources to stopping an autoclicker use to make clicking for disenchant easier. Even if it took zero time and effort, I highly doubt the devs would. To be in a position to ask if using an autoclicker is allowed or disallowed in my view shows a fundamental misunderstanding of just how absurd trying to ban autoclickers would be.

Arrgh. No, even if you never use your autoclick toggle it can be detected. Period.

Hmm, I am not trying to debate you, seriously. Ordinarily I would just move on without comment. BUT I feel compelled to point out for the poor soul who erroneously believes these are undetectable.

If you use one in a game where third party options are not allowed, you could simply have the script running in the background and be banned permanently. Again, whether you used it or not.

If you care about your account, do not do it. One quick example–try running a blank autohotkey script that does absolutely nothing in the latest iteration of Runescape. This is risky behavior. They will ban you permanently and you will have no recourse via support, ever. Not running bot code or doing anything amiss? Tough. Banned.

Gow is not that kind of game and since there is no official statement from the Devs of Gems of War, I imagine it is okrogerfine. If they say otherwise, I’ll remove it with a good will. Peace.

I was just thinking lately that we haven’t seen you much. How are you my friend? You have been missed.