I'm "disenchanting"

This as to be one of the most painful aspect of 1.0.8… DISENCHANTING!
I’ve been disenchanting troops for hours! My index is getting blisters!


Not to mention ascending…

Ascending you only have to do once, but disenchanting as to be done everytime you open new keys.

Only open a few hundred at a time and bulk disenchant in … sessions.

Oh you’re still on iPad aren’t you so you can’t even macro that. Damn.

Totally unrelated, I just realized the updated ‘visual representation of souls’ in that disenchant area… is actually showing more souls than we get. Visually. The purple / light blue orbs. i.e. six for every five from a Common lol.

True, but you’d think it would have been an obvious thing to make it a one-click thing…

I would transform all extra copies (over 4) of mystic troops.
Anyway, “You will never need more than 4 copies of a troop”… Right!?! :rage:


That just tipped me over the edge… my next login will be from my new secure psycho-murderer hospital cell…

Still disenchanting…

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How many thousands of dollars have you spent on the game? :smile:

It’ll make you a master guitarist :muscle:

Wow, how many keys did you have? had to be like 150k keys. I only had a few common troops with around 100 copies after using 1200 keys. And I had not disenchanted any troops for about 6 weeks.

@ZIGS, not thousands, but enough to be VIP 7. The real secret is that I played A LOT, since the game is out, and that I’m part of the #1 guild since… Almost ever!
@Mariox, a lot… 4K+ irons, 7K gems, 60K souls and 2MM gold coins. So with the duplication bug I got an extra 8K keys…

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please set those orcs on your defense team

I prefer to think of myself as enchanting…