Mass Disenchant - How many souls would you get?


Should I?..

Everyone is welcome to post their own.


Oh god, this thread is going to be ridiculous. Everyone, post the souls you get from mass disenchanting please.



Here we go be amazed, good thing I’m so over souls right now. I’m almost level 300 mind you.


I only had a handful of troops to disenchant because I regularly prune my mythics down to one.


I eagerly await this feature on consoles.


Im in the process of ascending everyone first. Wish there was an ‘ascend all troops’ option too

only ever ascended those i was levelling to 20 up to now


Are you related to the Keeper of Souls…?


I have a chance for a few more to add to the 571k I have. :wink:



39156 Dire Wolves

That’s a lot of doggos


Is anyone going to break 1 million tonight?


But I’m not going to lol


I got around 190k

I did it so now if I sort my troops by quantity I can quickly see which ones are closing in on ascension thresholds


Wow someone got a pic of 1 million souls congrats!


So you actually did it? I was waiting for confirmation that it for sure takes it down to 4 copies per mythic before trying. I didn’t want any mistakes lol.


Yup, everything mythic at 4, things not mythic untouched.


Too much effort to disenchant and no reason…I think I’ll let it keep going until souls have another purpose. I’d be sitting on 1.5 million souls if I did that lol…


At 48.000 souls i had 1/10th of you. Also i did it and before you know it another couple of 5-star kingdoms.


Can’t wait till consoles get this, very curious as to what the soul total will be.