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Disenchanting benefits?

I have a couple million souls worth of troops I can disenchant. Is it really worth holding on to these? Does disenchanting make my profile/game load better/faster? I have a lot of slow loading images and lag sometimes. I’m on Xbox. Was wondering if these things might be connected. I don’t need souls, but was just wondering. Thanks.

Your Xbox gets lighter, because the numbers it needs to store get smaller. :wink:

No point for you to disenchant unless you want to go for the chance to feel sorry in case the devs ever introduce a purpose for those extra copies.


Disenchanting shouldn’t affect the game performance. The number of copies you have, be it 1, 4, 50, whatever, still has to be stored. The images still have to load.

Personally I don’t bother because eventually you will have lots of souls. Earlier game may be worthwhile, but I don’t think the number of souls you get is that high.

Basicaly i disenchant all extra troops once i get a new mythic.
That’s kind of alternative way of measuring it’s cost → instead of counting keys/seals i’ve used, i’m measuring “number of extra souls gained”.

ofc, these numbers also include:

  • extra faction troops gained while making new faction troops to mythic
  • extra troops from event tiers
  • extra troops from whatever other event (like bounty)

but these are only few and can be ignored.

If you are trying to level up multiple troops using medals to gold elite, then you will need a plentiful amount of souls, so could be worth disenchanting troops for that purpose.

Otherwise forge Duskbringer (if you haven’t already) just for the sake of collecting it (1 million souls, and gathering dust already).