Disenchanting All Troops?

So I was thinking about starting over in a way without creating a new account. So I thought disenchanting all troops might be just as good. But, I need to know when doing so do I get all souls, traitstones used, ingots from weapons back? Or will I have to re grind all of that? All info on this is a bit vague lol. Or I am misunderstanding something?

Disenchanting only gives souls for the troops, the traitstones you spent on the troops will be gone sadly. Hope that will help some :+1:
Edit: unless you catch a refund week, which is very unlikely tho, since the Devs never make big changes to troops anymore/not lately.

You can’t really restart, only throw away your collected troops. And there doesn’t seem to be any benefit in doing that, quite the contrary. You’ll essentially be playing your account at an advanced level (which has, among others, a huge impact on what you are facing in PvP), without any proper teams. Feel free to proceed if you enjoy going into a gun fight armed with a soggy cardboard sword, most would consider that a pretty frustrating experience though.

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Neither! If you disenchant all copies of a troop (or of all your troops), when you earn a new copy it will have all of the levels and traits you had previously unlocked. This makes it a bit hard to restart in the way I think you wanted, unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue::man_shrugging:.