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And I thought I knew my math

Out of curiosity I sorted my troops on “amount” wondering what I had the most copies of. Now, I’m seriously doubting the math behind this game.


I noticed this before. It happened to me when I opened a chest/got troops without refreshing the game. I think it uses old/cached data to sort by.


Sort by rarity is off sometimes too.

My theory is the same as @blindnighto where it is using old cached data.

If you get the new mythic, upgrade it instantly and then sort troops on level, it will still be at the bottom

Several other cases this happened to me

Disenchant all extra troops, and sorting is a mess . Restart game helps

Is there any benefit to having so many copies of troops? Or is just a matter not wanting to be bothered to make the clicks it takes disenchant them all?

There’s a disenchant all button. It’ll only disenchant troops at mythic and down to 4 copies each. It will also not touch treasure troops.

Reason not to is the possibility of them releasing a new rarity beyond mythic that would require additional copies of troops you already have at mythic.

The latter. Don’t need the souls, so they… Accumulate.

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