PC Version: Disenchanting creatures for souls

So I’d like to request one small change when selling souls. On the PC version I frequently sell excess souls to “feed” other realms creatures to get my 5 star bonus.

I’d like to see this “Troops, filter, amount, (sell a troop for souls), then cancel out and get on to the next creature to sell my excess” (Always leaving one, so I don’t have to start all over from it’s base rarity.)

Make sense right?

Currently once you sell the excess of any creature and just leave one. You end up on the “bottom” of the creature list (for amount). So either you have to change filter to (sort from A-Z) accept, then change it back to “amount” to get to the top of the creature list or exit out completely and re-enter the Troops menu.

Oh by the way, I enjoy the fact you can click in the disenchant menu to the left twice arrow to get the “max” souls instead of multiple clicking to reach the amount you want to sell.

Thank you for a kick ass game.

I have a similar issue on ps4 console. When sorting by upgradable and ascending instead of going to next troop your at it’s alphabetical location very time consuming to scroll or resort 20-30 times

I’d highly recommend not to disenchant any troops unless you have ascended it to mythic quality. Then you’ll have a button to disenchant all extra leaving 4 copy of each. (still not worth disenchanting)

Considering the amount you can get by disenchanting and the souls you can gain with a soul farming team in explore or pvp, you better of farming those souls than wasting your cards.

If you haven’t seen this yet, have a look:
Soul Farming Teams