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Discrepancy in "damage" determination

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:



What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Any “remove armor” weapons so far counts as no damage, in terms of Barrier activation. I.e. if I hit enemy with barrier, and effect is “Remove armor”, barrier is still in place.

So, hit enemy with Mang will remove armor, but not barrier on first phase, and remove barrier, but not hit on second.

But with Orcs it’s obviously different. They gain armor when I remove armor, and they gain armor again after I hit them! (It’s obvious by screenshot: 92-24=73 - because +5 armor was counted on first damage step). Seems wrong for me.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it now - probably change happened when Orc Armor was reworked.

Steps to make it happen again
Hit enemy with any weapon with “destroy armor” effect.
See extra +5 armor - or +5 life, if weapon is damaging.

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“working as intended”

But obviously wrong. In terms of consistency.

I have nothing against idea “remove armor is damage”. I have nothing against idea “remove armor is not damage”. But when the same weapon treats differently against different enemies - it’s wrong.

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i hear ya. just sayin…it’s a working as intended situation. that is the official response you will get.

Consistency has been a problem for the dev team for a while now. Many trait descriptions do not match their actual execution, especially when barrier and/or entangle are present.

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while we are on the topic, i hate when a spell targets the “strongest” enemy. does “strongest” mean health? attack? health plus shield? who knows. and how does it differ from “healthiest”?

Healthiest refers to life, or possibly life + armor. I’ve always thought strongest referred to attack power, or attack + magic. Could be wrong about that, though.

so healthiest may refer to one of two things, and stongest may refer to one of two other things? got it =)

edit: sorry, one of and/or two things, in both cases

Well, field test can determine it. :wink: I have no time for experimenting now, but it’s quite easy. Get unit with big health/low attack (i.e. gate) and low health/big attack (anything with significantly lower health than gate), cast spell and see results. :slight_smile:

because thats the best way to determine what is supposed to be basic knowledge :laughing: i get it though

Pretty sure strongest means highest hp+armor

Another inconsistency in wording is the “kill” spell/trait. Zuul kills through barrier, while megavore doesnt. People overhyped megavore because they thought nothing could stop its 3rd trait

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if that is strongest, what is healthiest? is strongest health plus armor, and healthiest just health?

also, uba doesnt kill through barrier, even though its rare that it will attack an enemy with barrier after its initial strike

sorry, i could go on all day. i’m just playing devil’s advocate

Healthiest is the same as strongest. The devs use different terms to describe the same thing in many other cases too
image image

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I do not believe this is true. Can’t test right now, though.

Edit: turns out it is true!

i’m just trying to open a dialogue here, and there seems to be zero consensus…which is my point. no one really knows, even though we “kinda” know what it all means

Well i just posted my test. Didnt my pics show up?

You didn’t show an image of “strongest” attacking the same target. You’re correct, though, that “strongest” and “healthiest” will hit the same target. Decided to test anyway, and found that to be true after all.

That’s either a mistake or an egregious example of inconsistency.

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shadow hunter is a fantastic example

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I agree with your concerns regarding consistent use of terminology. Unfortunately, the dev team doesn’t seem to care about consistency here, or at least has decided to leave “well enough” alone in the interest of not having to relocalize. After all, the forum can do the work of informing people who come here confused…

Frankly though, I think it’s a basic duty of a game to clearly explain its rules up front and without the need to resort to external support sites or trial and error for help. After all, in some cases you need to invest a large number of resources to even have a chance to see if a spell is working as you interpret the vague wording.

I don’t believe anything will change in this regard. As I mentioned in another thread, the delve room effects were all added in a single release and aren’t even consistent among themselves for grammar, capitalization, phrasing. If a single bulk revision can’t be done in a consistent manner, what chance do we have of this being done for troops released years apart?