(Not a Bug) Megavore's Deep Terror does not behave consistently (damage or not damage?)

Resurrecting this thread ((Not a bug) Orc Armor triggering without damage dealt) because there is, in fact, a bug (inconsistent behavior) here, just not necessarily the one OP originally expressed.

The inconsistency is that sometimes Deep Terror (Megavore’s spell) counts as damage, and sometimes it doesn’t. In particular, it doesn’t count as damage against barriers, but it does count as damage against Orc Armor.

Before casting Deep Terror (barrier is up):

After casting Deep Terror (barrier is still up):

So, it would seem that Deep Terror does not count as damage, as barrier says “Barrier protects a troop from a single piece of incoming damage. It lasts until it is used.”

Now, let’s test Orc Armor. Before casting Deep Terror (for 57 on Orc Veteran who only has 55 health):

After casting Deep Terror:

Here we can see that every orc gained 5 armor. Orc Veteran gained 5 armor, then took 57 damage (bringing him down to 3 health) and then gained 5 armor again.

So… we have an inconsistency with Deep Terror. It counts as damage against Orc Armor, but doesn’t count as damage against barrier.

Not a bug…
Megavore removes armor and deals damage to Whichever troop you target with the cast.

  • Removing armor does not remove a barrier since it’s not considered actual damage. Steal life used to work the same way but I believe the devs changed it.

Armor strip/reduction is not damage and never has been. Orc Armor (and other traits like it) have inconsistent language in that reduction of armor or life in any way (even just armor strip/reduction) will trigger them, but they only state they will trigger “when I take damage”. It would be more accurate to say they trigger “when I take damage or my armor is reduced or destroyed”.

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Megavore does not deal true damage. It deals regular damage. This is shown in the images.

You can see that the armor removal triggers each of the orc’s Orc Armor ability, not just the single one targeted by the spell. And, as stated in the linked thread, the Deep Terror is supposed to count as damage.

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This is currently working as intended, Barrier isn’t removed by armour destruction.

We’re working to make our text more consistent but it’s a long project as there is soooooooooo much text in the game and it needs to be translated into multiple languages.

We appreciate your patience while we work on this!

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