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(Not a bug) Orc Armor triggering without damage dealt

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Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox One

Screenshot or image:
skipping this step

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I’ve seen this happen a few times. If you use Yasmine’s Pride on a troop with the trait Orc Armor, the troop should have no armor as Yasmine’s Pride does not deal damage. Instead, Orc Armor triggers and the troop gains 5 armor. The trait triggers twice with Megavore instead of once. The troop gains armor before and after Megavore deals its damage instead of just after the damage is dealt.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens every time you use an effect to remove all armor from a troop with the Orc Armor trait. I first noticed it in some raid or invasion where I was comboing Yasmine’s Pride and Yao Guai. For all I know, this could have been happening for a long time, but it’s a lot more noticeable with an ability like Yasmine’s Pride than it is for Mang. Mang would show the correct damage being dealt and the 5 armor would be expected. It would be easy to not notice a Drake Rider having 5 more health than it should.

Steps to make it happen again
This is easily reproducible. Set a defense team using troops with Orc Armor, like maybe 4 Drake Riders. Now test this defense team using troops that destroy all armor. Yasmine’s Pride should be a good choice as it shouldn’t do any damage unless it’s upgraded and the gems removed results in skulls being matched. It might also be interesting to see the result after using Megavore on a team of 4 Drake Riders.

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I noticed this as well, Megavore shredding their armor still leaves them with 5 even if they weren’t attacked directly which could make the difference between a kill or a loss.

Just did the Megavore test myself against 3 Drake Riders with 5 armor and 56 health each. My Megavore was able to deal 53 damage. What should remain is 2 Drake Riders with no armor and 1 Drake Rider with 5 armor and 3 health. What was left instead were 2 Drake Riders with 5 armor and 1 Drake Rider with 5 armor and 8 health. Orc Armor inappropriately triggered when Megavore destroyed all their armor. Unless you’re looking for it, you might not notice that the 53 damage dealt should have resulted in 5 more life lost, destroying 5 armor it shouldn’t have had.

It triggers when taking damage, which means a hit to Life or Armor:

Orc Armor: Gain 5 Armor when I take damage.

Xerodar only triggers when taking damage to Life:

Death Ray: Death Mark the first enemy when I take damage to Life.

Looks intentional to me, very unlikely to be considered a bug.

Continuing on what @Fourdottwoone is mentioning:

Destroying armour is considered damaging armour (If you destroy something, you have damaged it right?)
So by destroys armour, you trigger “Orc Armor”. so they gain 5 armour.
Then (in the case of megavore) you deal 53 damage. so you damage their armour, then their life, then the trait triggers, giving them 5 armor.

This isn’t true. Say you’re doing a delve or something and you come across a Drake Rider in the first slot with 200 armor and health. Your first slot has 40 attack and you match skulls. How much armor does the Drake Rider have left? I have no time to test it at the moment, but if memory serves me correctly, the Drake Rider will have 160 armor. Orc Armor won’t trigger because its health didn’t go down. It doesn’t consider this loss of armor as being damaged.

All Orc traits (and Frenzy/Counterattack, which function the same) include damage to life or armor as a trigger condition. This was an intentional change in version 3.4.

So, this is the part that is inconsistent with other game mechanics. “Destroying” armor (via a Manglike, Megavore, Grave Knight, Bone Dragon, Golem, armor stat reduction from Plague’s trait etc…) does not count as “damage” in the way that the rest of the game defines “damage” - barrier does not interact with it at all. However, the description of how the traits were changed in 3.4 leads me to believe that this it is intentional for armor reduction/destroy to be considered in triggering these traits as it specifies “damage to either (specifically) Life or (specifically) Armor” as a trigger condition, and “damage to (specifically) armor” can be interpreted as reduction or destruction of armor, as you have stated. It is just conveyed poorly through the description (like many other things).


Well, thanks for verifying

  1. This is not a bug.
  2. I am not crazy for thinking it used to work this way. :slight_smile:

Once I had time, I tested with these traits and found that damaging their armor did activate them. Considering one of my favorite teams pre-Divine Ishbala used to involve converting gems to keep taking extra turns non-stop while Kraken grinds them into dust, I think I would have noticed if some of the troops kept getting stronger instead of weaker.

I tried comparing wordings of similar troops and found 2, Humility and Xerodar, that specifically say they do something when they take damage to their life.

I am glad this is resolved for you now @dujas, sorry I couldn’t get to this quicker :slight_smile: If you haven’t seen me mention this already there are hopeful plans to potentially reword and align all Spell descriptions around the same terminology in the future. This is a massive task though so it’s not going to happen ‘soon’.