Burning vs Barrier [Bug]

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was expecting burning to proc the barrier. Instead, burning went directly for the armor, bypassing the barrier.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Take dragonian monk and play against Shegra or anything with burning. Let it apply the burning effect, then apply barrier, and next watch how it ignores it.

This happens only if the character has at least 3 armor to “consume” all the damage from the Burning debuff. If the target suffers the damage directly (at least partially) to the HP, because of insufficient armor (0-2), then the barrier activates and negates the effect.

Is this intentional? Doesn’t make sense. All other abilities that deal damage get denied by barrier even if the damage isn’t high enough to break all of the armor.


Did you notice if it works the same way when the order of effects is reversed (barrier first and then burning)?
I don’t think it’s intentional anyway, probably just another bug.

I’ve encountered this same thing.
I’ve also seen where the barrier is first then I apply the burn and the barrier doesn’t get destroyed.

Yup, the order doesn’t matter. It just was the 1st thing that came to my mind about how to see the bug.

It’s always been my impression that barrier defends against physical and magic attacks, but status effects go through it. So, unless your status-generating troop also deals damage, the receiving troop will get the status effect if they’re susceptible to it, but will also maintain the barrier until it is taken down by a magic or physical attack.

Doesn’t explain why barrier stops damage form burning if I have no armor, and ignores it if there is armor to be destroyed by it.
Honorable mention, poison that deals damage directly to the troop’s health pool procs barrier, too.

@peterix, which system do you play on? I’ve been playing on PC/mobile for 2 years and have never seen barrier prevent a status effect.

It sounds like Barrier is coded to prevent damage to life, in the same way Humility’s third trait only procs on life damage. If this is intended then Barrier’s description probably needs updating.

In my situation, from what I remember, it was against a monk team. He put barrier on all troops. I used stonehammer skill and aoe burned. One troop had the burn applied, even went through the animation, and on the turn when it did damage and the barrier should have popped, the barrier stayed but the damage went through. All the other barriers behaved correctly.

That was the only time I had a situation to see this and I don’t feel like testing.

PC/mobile. Just set your defend team on Shegra or other burning troops. Then pick a monk and barrier your team. The order doesn’t matter.

If the burning is about to deal damage to the troop’s HP, and not armor - it will activate the barrier and consume the damage.
If the troops has enough armor to prevent burning to deal damage to the HP - burning will ignore barrier and deal damage to the troop’s armor.

I’ll be posting Tacet’s video for proof to the OP.