Difficulty upgrade

I propose here to gather some ideas about how to improve the difficulty system. Moreover, it seems that next patch will focus on PVP and hero so maybe it will give some ideas to devs ;-). I just hope that mines haven’t been discussed before on this forum :stuck_out_tongue: .

First one: better placement of the difficulty tab
It will be better to have it just after the Fight click (on the top right for example) so we can adapt the difficutly according to the AI team. And we don’t have to go to the map after Hero tab anf finally tab Difficulty…

Second one: parameters
It’s cool to have a Diablo3-like difficulty system (ie preset) but I feel it could be better if some choices were proposed. For example, it’s really difficult to do W4 without combo breaker: a lucky drop for the AI and it can be end-game for you…
So some tick box and one slider for monster stats and we can have this kind of results:

I definitely second having it near (or on the same screen as) the ‘To Battle’ button. That is when we’re going to actually change it. Having it in the hero menu is … strange.

What would be really nice is if we had something along these lines:

The above is from a nice game I used to play called GemCraft (coincidence??) which is a tower defense…

Admittedly we don’t need that many things. But if we had an interface like that pop up via something next to the ‘To Battle’ button… who knows. Depends on what other difficulty modifiers we end up getting, this is sort of a long term ideal. It would allow for things like ‘10x hp, same damage’ or ‘5x hp, 5x damage’, or, as said, simply W4 but with the combo breaker. Or crazy extra stuff - like a 3x multiplier for enemies that all start off with full mana.

Haha. I exactly think about the same game :wink: . Really good game (a bit difficult sometimes).
The settings are very cool and you can somewhat customize your game.

Thanks for the screenshot. Better than my 5-minutes gimped picture :stuck_out_tongue: .

Maybe a column for each stats with +25%,+50%,+75%,+100%.
And one column, with tick boxes: combo breaker, traits, or other stuffs like you proposed (I like the half mana or full mana).
Or a boost to the AI mana surge. A 100% mana surge AI can be challenging ;-).

It will be very interesting to have the same thing in GoW. cross fingers

thumbs up for all ideas mentioned here.
It is quite lucky that I bought “GemCraft - Chasing Shadows” today :slight_smile:

I had thought about this, and suggested it be in the PVP screen.
The advantage of that is that it would be clean and tidy, and you wouldn’t look at it when you don’t need it.
The advantage of this is you could really make the on the fly decisions, and gamble with a harder fight when you know the team composition.

My GemCraft save data wiped. Curse you Kongregate and/or Firefox!

Actually I probably wiped it myself accidentally while updating or something.

If you need, this game is sold 2$ on Steam until 5th january :wink: (winter sale -80%).

Else, I think this setting panel can also be displayed for Arena:

  • to choose the max level (10,15 or 20)
  • with or without traits
  • to choose the three rarities (for the moment, common, rare and ultra-rare but why not a UR, epic and legendary arena :wink: ).