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Troop leveling/Replay option/Challenge overhaul

Hi there, great work with the last updates!

I’d really love to have some features in game and though some of them have already been brought up here, I will just bring them up again with my awesome paint edits.

Make troop leveling adjustable:
Yeah you heard about it, you probably already got plans for it for the next update as well. Just one thing: please don’t make it a drop down or some other unnecessary time-consuming option. Just include it in the regular level up screen like or similar to this:

Give us a replay option:
Ever had that: “why did my treant just deal 50 damage?” or “how in the heck did that gobo just deal double damage” experience? Well I did more than a few times and I thought a replay button would come in handy for this.
I thought about including it in the battle interface but I guess it would just lead to confusion when accidently clicking it. So how about you include it in the options menu? There’s enough space there and you really can’t click anything on there by accident:

Overhaul the challenges menu:
Well this is a rather big request - as you progress in the game it’s quite easy to lose track of the challenges you already did and I often find myself browsing through every kingdom before I find a challenge that I haven’t completed yet. So maybe you could make an extra challenge button on the bottom, where you would have an overview of the challenges you completed in each kingdom and what kind of traitstone you can earn there:

Also, challenges could have another incentive for (re-)playing them: It would be nice if challenges wouldn’t be “wasted” by difficulty levels: When you finish a challenge on normal you lose out on the souls you could have earned by completing it on Warlord. Right now newer players don’t even have the option to play on higher difficulties so they have to consider if it’s worth completing the challenge or wait until they reached a level for a higher difficulty setting.
So how about breaking it up - I don’t have the exact numbers now but let’s say Warlord IV gives 250 souls for completing the last challenge. Say a newer player completes a challenge on normal and gets 100 souls for it. How about completing it on the different difficulties gives you different colors for the stars with normal being the first and Warlord IV being the last. So if a player already completed the challenge on normal and now he tackles it on Warlord IV he doesn’t get another 250 souls but 150 - because he already got 100 of his souls. This way you wouldn’t have to play through every difficulty in order to get all the souls if you already can take on every challenge on Warlord IV and on the other hand newer players could have a reason to try the challenges again when they got better teams.
I envision the challenge menu somewhat like this:

As you can see, poor fremd didn’t manage to get a gold star on missions 3 and 5 of the second challenge. He did however complete on on hard(blue) and one on Warlord I(orange). When he finally feels up to it he can take the challenge again, reaping the remaining souls.
Obviously the final challenge menu would have all the kingdoms and look a bit better.
Also, I stole the kingdom images here: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/detailed-kingdom-map/682

And in light of the new PvP-System: display how many points you would need till the next rank in the ranking list (can be turned on/off via options)

I hope I worded everything understandable - english is not my mother tongue. If there’s anything I need to edit or clarify give me a reply.

Thanks for reading all of this and TL;DR is probably the bold written lines I guess.

Edit: am allowed to post images now, put in missing pics. Included paint shopping of my vision of challenge menu.


What you’ve requested for troop leveling would also be great for troop ascension. But I agree with all of them, although some have already been requested


Also: make quests replayable so we can experience the story line again if so desired.


Yeah, that would probably come in handy as well. Maybe it would be enough to have a “max” button?

@Machiknight: would you really want to replay the battles or would a “theater” option be enough?

How can I reply to two or more different posts in one post? =)

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+1 to this suggestion. I’d love to revisit some story lines without having to dig through Steam files on my HD.

+1, would be nice if there was also a hidden task in each challenge, that’s randomized and gives random rewards!

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Have I got some good news for you!


Thank you. :smile_cat: Yes, I saw that! I was just telling Eika that this will make my life easier. I’m just way too lazy to dig through the game files for the story info.

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you know to get the 1 epic from each kingdom takes soo many battles. i feel another copy towards ascention would be awesome. :slight_smile: even making it have to be played at a different dificulty :slight_smile:

Bump for attention!

Also edited my first post for yet another suggestion.

Seriously we need this feature for bug discovery so that even if we can not record it we can at least have a saved copy that gets auto erased after x battles.

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Replay definitely would come in handy.

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Guess it’s time for another bump :innocent:

Also, it would be nice to have some timer for the tributes. I always imagine a clock on top of my home kingdom.

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In general - ideas look good
With regard to replays on quests - What if when you levelled the Kingdom you unlocked a new - harder version - of the quest line you could play/select. So each Kingdom would end up with 6 quests in total at ever increasing levels of difficulty. This would also match nicely with being able to ascend the epic quest reward card to legendary.

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