Nice things in last update

As usual everybody will have his own mind made up regarding the last update. Yes there are a few things less agreeable but there are also some very good ones.
The less, specially for the “oldtimers” amongst us, the adventure board… I’m sorry devs but minor trait stones (several then thousands) and souls (11 million) are things I have plenty of. So that is a :-1: for me.
The showing how much a boost is generating that is a very nice one so that’s a big :+1:
Also showing all the rewards in one screen when starting up the game is much better than having to click through several screens on start-up. So also :+1:

Now a few request that might also be very helpful:
Showing the kingdom and race on the class tab would be nice.
Change the adventure board in such a way the difficulty can be chosen ( and the rewards go up in accordance) this way the advanced players enjoy it too.

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While my luck with the AB has so far been mediocre, I do like the concept.
A few more tasks/challenges akin towers/invasion etc would be neat (maybe each color can only be on your team once for example?), and the resource I crave most (arcane stones) is still very rare.
Aside from that, I mostly see improvements :slight_smile:

Apparently arcane stones have a rarity of 1/17 games or that is what somebody told me in another topic.
However my experience says it’s more like 1/27 to 1/29 games, that’s what came out of my statistics. And that was over 2500 games. So however you look at it, yes they are RARE to VERY RARE… :unamused: