Adventure Board is AWESOME

Thank you Devs for all the hard work & helping make this game better all around for all of us! THANK YOU.


Imo adventure board is awesome for new player but really suck for veteran.

At least with daily task i could refresh unwanted tasks and try to get somethings better

All i want is gems tasks, i really don’t need minor stones, souls or glory…

For me the adventure board is 5
Steps behind


Give it time you will see it is better overall. I get more than I ever got from daily tasks now with adventure board.


You might be right but the problem with RNG is some people will always be luckier than others and will get much more gems. It’s the same for new mythic, some will only spend 10 keys while the other will spend 5000 and catch nothing…

I mean I don’t exactly agree with you on getting more than daily tasks like, gem’s wise anyways as you would occasionally have more daily gem tasks than anything but I see potential in it I like that it’s something new an something to do for the day but for being veterans obviously the only necessity is gems, but at the same time it’s like can’t just give us gem’s stuff for nothing because they’d lose out I know i’m quoting you Ghal, but applies to ricky too. In my opinion need more stuff to do ingame besides PvP because that’s just boring an full of repetitiveness.

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I’m glad for you.

So far I’m getting 20 gems/day and a few trinkets like minor traitstones so I’m getting less now than I ever got from daily tasks, since on average I could refresh my way into some gems or gem keys.

That’s the purpose of AB though. The “average” player will feel like they’re doing good, so any time one of the “below average” players gripe they’ll be told to hush lest the devs revamp Adventure Board to make the rewards even worse.

5 days in a row, 20 Gems only and the rest of ‘minor stuff’.
I think it’s time to go on Strike!

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I’m going to spend $1000 on gems of War 5 years from now.

Why can’t I get the VIP points monthly as if I’m spending, on average, $16.60/month? In the end it balances out!

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I’ve welcomed the change too… Not sure if it’s more rewarding, but at least I can use decent teams and not play yet another 15 games with knights, constructs or whatever, which popped much more often for me than the good ones.


I like and dislike the adventure board. I like the new rewards of pet food food and chaos shards and getting 2 xp per battle but I really dislike the traitstone and soul rewards. I have 4.5 million souls with all troops levelled and Dawnbringer and I have thousands of traitstones with all troops traited I can not even use those rewards. Gold, glory and key rewards suck but you can always use them for something no matter how many you have. I also dislike the amount of rewards. My main account has had 1 common and 1 rare gem task 1 day and no gem tasks at all the other 4 days. I also have 3 accounts over level 200 and never once had the kill 150 coloured troops for 100 gems on any account.

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I got the kill 150 purple troops for 100 gems and have to work all day. I like the adventure board. Faster to complete and pretty similar rewards I bet averaging higher on gems than normal daily tasks.

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Adventure board is better in my opinion…All but one task can be completed whist remaining on the list(no more messing around changing teams)…It is a lot quicker to do than the old daily/weekly task system…Yes, you get less gems, but if you are so concerned by that, you can accumulate gems in treasure hunt…Considering the amout of things to do it the game nowadays, i am all for anything that speeds things up, as it already takes a lot of time to do everything.


Now that the baseline has been set, it’s quite easy for the devs to add a daily reroll on these tasks. It’d earn them a bunch of goodwill if 4.5 came with that option.

We’d still find something to complain about, of course. We’re gamers, after all.


Today i had the “kill 150 purples troops” it’s not faster than the usual “win 12 or 15 battles” with specific troops type or color. I was able to synchronise 2-3 task most of time and only had to play 15 battle and it was over. Now to get 150 purple kill, you need to do minimum 38 battles if you catch 4 purple troops in every fight so it’s not faster than daily tasks

Also the daily task forced you to be a little bit creative when you build your team. In AB you can use the same team over and over without any difficulty

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I agree with Nonsheep… Thanks.

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I agree with Ghaleon. I like it better too. I get more items and better variety. Today you could get pet food. I don’t remember that happening under the old method.
Thanks for the change.

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Yeah overall now that it’s settled I think I feel (and several other in the thread seem to agree):

  • Adventure Board itself is more interesting implementation of daily/weekly tasks than what we had.
  • The rewards are the part we think are disappointing.
  • The rewards are the “easy” part to change.

So I’m overall positive about it. I think we’ll see some new tasks and adjustments later. Here’s a humble proposal based on another game I’m playing:

In that game, the daily tasks have their own levels. As you progress through the game, you unlock higher-level tasks. They are harder in some way, but the rewards increase significantly. You can choose to do the lower-level tasks if you want (sometimes you unlock a task way before you can finish it), but usually it’s a waste of your time.

I think that’s something maybe GoW should consider. Maybe as your troop collection grows, or as you gain souls/traitstones, the game could de-emphasize the tasks with rewards you might not be interested anymore.


They could add total faction renown tiers at which the task rarity gets upgraded, e.g. no more common tasks on reaching 10k total renown. I’d happily give up the one random daily ingot currently earned at that point. :smirk:


Another day and 2 common tasks and an Ultra-Rare with useless stuff for my lvl 1200+. It’s been over a week. Where are these great adventures? I used to get excitement from logging in, now only disappointment and frustration. :frowning:

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I haven’t seen this post.hehe
U apsolutly right. Its awesome :grin::sunglasses:

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