Adventure Board is AWESOME



Anybody got an epic task yet? I’m assuming this is what the PSN Trophy relates to? I won legendary battles but didn’t trigger the trophy so assuming it’s specific to Epic battles only?

Epic battles is nothing to do with the adventure board, it’s from guild event battles where you can spend extra sigils to make a battle “epic” or “legendary” etc. First time is free, so use your next invasion battle to get the trophy.


Ah thanks @Whiskeyjack :smiley:

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I hate gems :grin:

I got more gems from this week then 2 week’s with ES.

Thanks too the devs for this awesome new system.

What’s the point of your posts in this thread? Bragging?

The fact that you’ve been getting lucky means nothing for the system. You could actually contribute to data gathering if you wanted by posted in this thread. Then you’d also see why other people are complaining, since apparently that’s still not clear to you.


He’ll be crying next week, don’t worry. This week it was AWESOME, next week it will be HORRIBLE.

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Voq I’m contributing too this awesome threat man. We are more positive here u know.
And I’m not bragging.140 gems a week is not bad on top on everything else we get. So I’m Happpppppyyyyy😁.for now.
But nostradamus might be right next week as well. And If so. I’m still gonna be happpppyyy😁

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It’s actually to show off how bad at critical thought one is.

“I got 100 gems a couple of times! It’s totally likely this trend will continue. I’m going to be rich soon, you people who don’t like it are stupid. Shut up before they fix it. There’s absolutely no way my luck is above average and will even out over time.”

It’s also indicative of why AB is so successful. Hide your nerfs behind enough layers of obfuscation, add a random spike that’s balanced by the overall decrease, and players will thank you for taking things away. It’s always wise to underestimate players.


Listen. They are not gonna change it back. EVER. That’s just nature of things. They might tweak it a little bit here and there but that’s it. But What then. Is that gonna make you more happy. That tiny change. I dont think it will. Why?. Because u ain’t happy playing the game at all. U have become addicted too complaining. Remember when u first started too playing the game. When u didn’t know any of this. And didn’t care. U played it cos u thout it was fun. That’s why u continued playing it. Cos it was fun. Dont forget that. Now days every one have resources. I’m not saying u are billionaire yet. But mabye almost millionaire. I said it before I’m gonna say it again. U have a choice. Quite or play the game. There’s is nothing in between. ITS NOT YOU’RE GAME. Nobody is forcing us play it. I’m just beeing realistical here. Seems like ppl have forgotten that. Its sad

:joy: flagged again.

The Q is: But why?

Because I’m beeing positive about AB. And I’m liking it a lot.
And THEY dont like that.

I have never flagged any one. It’s just to weak for my taste.

But that’s how it all started.:joy:

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Like I said. Kids these days

What a totally non-insulting comment.

Im just gonna slide this gently here :grin:

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Found the guy who writes the quest text.

Actually it hurts me to stay off-topic so:

I’m neutral on AB. It is structured more smartly than the old task system was. But it is an objective reduction in the rewards that matter, with a handful of psychological tricks built-in that convinces some people they’re getting more rewards now. Those two things balance.

If they took out the “bad” tasks and replaced them with “better” ones, I’d be happier. There are other parts of it I’d still complain about, mostly because there’s not likely a way to design “you must do this stuff daily” in a way that makes me jump for joy. So I generally ignore that part unless the thread specifically calls for it. We’re going to have a daily tasks system no matter what. I can deal with that. It could be a lot worse. Doesn’t change that I liked a weekly task system better.

I think on the scale of my complaints, “I don’t like this task and wish it was replaced with something else” is fairly minor. The other end would be, “I think adventure board is garbage and it’d be better to have no tasks at all” and there’s no argument to support that. I’m not sorry it upsets you so that I like to describe the parts of the game I think could be better. I’m not going to stop until I quit the game. If you continue to harass me directly on the forums, at some point a reason I stick with the game will be to spite you.

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Thanks man.

Found the guy who writes the quest text.


I was going to ignore it. But i just had too

Let’s stay on topic please

The Adventure Board is 100% better than having nothing at all. I believe that and I will stand by it.