Harder difficulty! and show overkill damage - and Guildwars suggestion

Thing is… for me the computer is often very easy to beat even on Warlord - +200% monster stats…
so my suggestion is… why not make a +500 stats and even up to +1000 monster stats (perhaps make it 1000% defensive stats and 500% damage stats so you wont get one shotted by 3 skulls ofcourse.

When you got a good team it is nice to try and see how much it can handle.

I hate when i have like 50 skulls hitting the enemy but i only do their HP as damage… lets say 10…
I want it to show 10 and then the excessive damage like this 10(-38) aka 48 damage total or just make it show the total damage done…

5 games in guild wars is just not enough for me
make it unlimited so we can really fight and let us choose between three guilds ( like in normal pvp) and fight them.
Then guild can have a nemesis guild they have to pick over the two others if given the oppotunity


Moved to Feature Requests. Cheers!

I believe the intention of Guild Wars is to rank guilds based on how well their members play together, with match quality instead of quantity being the deciding factor. What you are proposing is essentially the same as PvP, which just ranks the amount of time your account can be played throughout each week.


i think what could satisfy you is guild PvE Raid
a guild vs some monster with huge stats :wink:

a guild vs guild should keep actual player stats, thats only intuitive, also: what bracket is your guild fighting in?

i dont imagine high brackets would like additional stat buffs there with the already not-fun rng mechanisms out there

maybe all you need to do - to increase your gameplay difficulty - is join higher bracket guild? :slight_smile:

I have been in INTRIM one of the top guilds in the game so i had my share of fun but to me theres no difference between being in a casual guild or a high end guild… only the activity requirements.